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Steve & Barb Shortreed
144 Hill St., E.
Fergus, ON, Canada
N1M 1G9

Phone: 519-787-2892
Fax: 519-787-2673
Email: barb@letterville.com

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    Topic Topic Starter Replies Last Post
Icon 5 digital question... HELLLLLLLLLLLLP! Christian Slager 4
   by Dave Draper
Icon 4 Need Redwood, Help! Wayne Webb 3
   by Brad Funk
Icon 1 Wrinkled Banners Dave Axton 1
   by Michael Boone
Icon 5 Placing art on Plates? JC Engraving and Signs 2
   by J & N Signs
Icon 5 Needing help with the proper paint for a HIGH TEMPERATURE APPLICATION........... Barry Branscum 6
   by Gail & Dave Beattie
Icon 1 Cutting on a Mac from Corel???? Rob Clark 2
   by Daniel Craig
Icon 14 Nancy Beaudette...Not Just A Letterhead! Steve Shortreed 1
   by Gailforce
Icon 1 can you paint tyvek? Gailforce 3
   by Gailforce
Icon 5 Setting posts John Deaton 10
   by Pete Kouchis
Icon 1 pms color to vinyl sunny 2
   by Suelynn Sedor
Icon 1 Prizmatic cast letters Chuck Peterson 6
   by Checkers
Icon 5 Need painting pointers Richard Swartz 4
   by Joe Rees
Icon 5 Need color/contrast advice Suelynn Sedor 9
   by bruce ward
Icon 1 Redwood vs foam Wayne Webb 14
   by James Tirico
Icon 1 Painting Concrete Figures Craig Rode 2
   by Tim Barrow
Icon 5 Backlit Film, how do I mount it? EPatzer 1
   by Tony McDonald
Icon 5 Outlines, Shades, Shadows and Special Effects Ken Henry 16
   by John Deaton
Icon 5 Painting chrome? Cindy Bennett 1
   by George Perkins
Icon 5 automotive finishes and vinyl captain ken 6
   by captain ken
Icon 1 Hanging PVC signs ErnieBalch 6
   by ErnieBalch
Icon 1 Posting pictures Stephen Deveau 5
   by Douglas Worden
Icon 1 Vinyl Application Tips and Tricks Dave Draper 9
   by Dave Grundy
Icon 6 Convert MAC fonts to Windows .ttf BruceWestfall 0
   by BruceWestfall
Icon 5 Medex durability Chuck Peterson 14
   by Pat Welter
Icon 5 Any good tips for getting more vehicle letter jobs. Kerry Walls 11
   by Henry Barker
Icon 1 painting PVC posts Ron Carper 3
   by Ron Carper
Icon 1 Komatex vs Trovicel, Sintra, Intefoam for outdoors Mary 5
   by David Harding
Icon 12 Tip: Tuff Letters! Robin Sharrard 4
   by Robin Sharrard
Icon 3 Marketing Tips and Tricks Dave Draper 5
   by Del Badry
Icon 1 Sign Foam on posts Richard Swartz 5
   by Brad Ferguson
Icon 1 Tips & Tricks - Bullboard Use BruceWestfall 2
   by The Moon
Icon 6 Trick or Tip...not! Ice Storm update! Linda Silver Eagle 4
   by Donna in BC
Icon 10 A tip from your nose bill riedel 5
   by PKing
Icon 14 Have You Seen The New, Improved ArtToday? Steve Shortreed 4
   by Steve Shortreed
Icon 3 Tips - magnetic sheets Print Wright 1
   by Linda Silver Eagle
Icon 1 Wait after hitting "Submit" Joe Rees 16
   by Bob Elliott
Icon 14 Transfer tape-help tip bill riedel 1
   by Kelli
Icon 3 Vehicle prep tips and tricks George Perkins 3
   by Rick Sacks
Icon 1 Upsom Board? Bill Biggs 6
   by PKing
Icon 1 Tips 'N' Tricks: Shop Walls Jeff Alumbaugh 2
   by PKing
Icon 5 Masking? Gary Winebarger 4
   by Paintman
Icon 5 painting for floor...antique look... HELP!! Dana Aaron 12
   by Suelynn Sedor
Icon 1 Tips and Tricks Week Starts This Week! Dave Draper 0
   by Dave Draper
Icon 5 Sandblast on Gatorfoam? Chuck Peterson 8
   by Matthew Broadus
   by Dave Grundy
Icon 5 How to apply vinyl geocob 3
   by Vinal Wizzard R
Icon 1 What would be the setting on ALPS ? Elaine Beauchemin 3
   by Elaine Beauchemin
Icon 1 Downloading Mac font on PC - Help! Kelli 8
   by Sarah Clark
Icon 1 Subcontracting of Installation B Daniel 3
   by Brad Ferguson
Icon 5 Site Sign Install... Frozen Ground Tim Whitcher 10
   by Tim Whitcher
Icon 1 Tool Time Series - Reingnited - Band Saws Janette Balogh 8
   by Wayne Webb
Icon 5 Pricing Gold Leaf Cindy Bennett 9
   by Scott Baker
Icon 5 Home-made Panelsaw Mike Stowe 6
   by Rick Cooper
Icon 5 Professional Associations in the Sign Business Ken Henry 10
   by Ken Henry
Icon 1 Window splashes John Deaton 8
   by Adrienne Pereira
Icon 5 Bonding foam to other materials? Cindy Bennett 5
   by Joe Rees
Icon 5 How do I start a sandblasted project? Adrienne Pereira 9
   by Jessica Woodrow
Icon 1 Vinyl over rivets Matthew Rossi 6
   by Ed Harris
Icon 5 Where to find bronze-look plastic plaques? B Daniel 2
   by Bruce Bowers
Icon 3 letterhead desktop theme Christian Slager 15
   by Dave Grundy
Icon 5 Lettering Carpet JC Engraving and Signs 9
   by Monte Jumper
Icon 10 Carved Sign / details /photo/ step-by-step Dave Draper 2
   by Jackson Smart
Icon 7 1999 Year End Praise for this here Internet Site! mike meyer 13
   by PKing
Icon 5 Clear on gold leafed letters??? BruceWestfall 10
   by Glenn Taylor
Icon 5 Incorporate....why . how ? Bill Manfredonia 8
   by Bill Manfredonia
Icon 1 Where Are The Brothers In The Brotherhood? Terry Teague 17
   by bill riedel
Icon 5 coating out an MDO Mike Berry 9
   by Dave Sherby
Icon 5 Application Of Vinyl with outlines John Deaton 10
   by mary joe
Icon 1 OUTPUT from a digital camera Donna in BC 9
   by Dan Sawatzky
Icon 1 Posting Photo's Rick Sacks 4
   by Rick Sacks
Icon 1 clear on clear Rick Sacks 6
   by cheryl nordby
Icon 1 Painting baked enamel signs blanks with 1 shot! J & N Signs 6
   by Kevin Ledbetter
Icon 1 Quickbooks Pro...any great tips? Suelynn Sedor 4
   by Wizsigns
Icon 5 sandblasting cedar vs redwood Dana Aaron 3
   by Dave Sherby
Icon 14 40,000 RIVITS LATER!!! Dave Grundy 8
   by cheryl nordby

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