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Welcome To Letterville. Thank you for your interest in advertising here. Your presence here can only benefit the people most important to all of us; your customers and our users. Here's a few reasons why!

  • Letterville is visited by more sign shops daily than any other sign-related website. Since November '95, we have grown from 23 sign shops to over 14,000 registered users, located virtually everywhere throughout the World. Each day, an average of 12,000 visitors start or end their day with a visit to the Letterville BullBoard alone.

  • Over the past few years, virtually every company have established a presence on the World Wide Web. Many have even setup online stores. If you are one of those who have already invested in a website for your business, there is no better way to attract your target audience than to have an ad link on a website that is already attracting the people you want to reach. Forget search engines! If you sell products that sign shops need, your audience is already here in Letterville.

  • Check out The Letterville BullBoard. This forum has become the voice for today's signmakers. Letterville is truly a community! Users return day after day, year after year, to exchange knowledge, network and make new friends. If you market a product or service to sign people, we want to invite you to 'put a face on your company" by becoming a Letterville Merchant. Get to know your customers! Learn first hand what their needs and concerns are. It has all the benefits of a booth at a trade show without the huge costs. Our goal is to put a face on your Company!

  • Our Letterville Live Chat! This site has had it's own live chat channel since January '95. Hundreds of our users have downloaded and installed the program that allows you to talk in a live forum, to other shops from around the globe. Using our chat channel, we have been able to allow our friends to participate in "live" Letterhead Events" held all over the World.

  • Letterville is maintained by sign shop owners. Birds of a feather really do like to flock together!  Barb and Steve Shortreed have owned and operated a sign business since 1975. In addition, we have been fanatical Letterhead supporters since 1983. We feel this experience allows us a special insight into the day to day problems, as well as rewards, that sign people encounter.

Advertising in Letterville is still a bargain compared to other mediums. We have advertising plans starting from as little as $650 a year. You don't have to even have a website to benefit from your ad here. Just use your phone number!

Pick up your phone today and join the number one sign site on the net. After all, your customers are all here!

Merchant Registration

E-mail Steve & Barb or call us at 519-787-2673 anytime....Fax: 519-787-2892

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