Meet Wayne & Joanne Harrison. Our

Advanced Airbrush Murals & Signs....Mt. Druitt, NSW, Australia

Another milestone was reached at The Letterhead Website on Thursday, Nov. 20, when we welcomed our 2,500th. Letterhead Website Members. If you remember, it was just back in July that Eric & Jeanne Weitzel of Winter Springs, Florida registered as our 2,000th. member. Things just continue to grow! advwayn.jpg - 5.80 K

This time around, it was a shop from down-under stealing the spotlight. Meet Wayne & Joanne Harrison of Mt.Druitt, New South Wales, Australia. For the last 5 years they have owned and operated Advanced Murals & Signs, located in Mt. Druitt, a suburb of Sydney. At the present time, Joanne takes care of the office while Wayne, and their employee Lloyd, a traditional old time sign writer, handle all the airbrush and sign work.

Wayne has been airbrushing for over 20 years. In 1995, he entered his first overseas competition at "AIRSTORM 95" in Atlanta, USA and won 1st. Place in the Alternative section. Wayne is widely recognized for his work within the sign industry and advertising. At his website, you'll see some very cool Super buses /Billboards and promotional vehicles.advan.jpg - 9.91 K

The Harrisons are no strangers to Letterheads. They attended their first meet just this past year in Maitland, N.S.W. Wayne got right into the spirit of things and even did an airbrush demo. Next year the Harrisons hope to host a Letterhead Meet of their own with an emphasis on airbrushing. They're looking for your input as well as some help with the event. E-mail them at

Congratulations Wayne & Joanne! We hope you meet lots of new friends here and trade some of your knowledge with all of us. We're all looking forward to chatting with you live on Letterhead Chat. Welcome to the family.


The Goodies!

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To help celebrate the 2,500th. Letterhead Website Member, they all chipped in some neat stuff for Wayne & Joanne. Here's a list of the donors and their goodies. Our thanks to all involved!

  • Canadian Signcrafters Supply...Choice of any sign book.
  • SignCraft Magazine...One years subscription
  • GBC Sign Warehouse...An airbrush kit!
  • Dynamic Graphics...Choice of any clipart CD from our Artworks catalogue!
  • Carolina Vinyl....Fred's working on a surprise!
  • A Magazine About Letterheads...One years subscription!
  • Bits & Bits Company...5 coupons, each good for 1 plotter blade resharping.
  • Amiable Technologies Inc....A Flexi goodie bag with a t-shirt & more!
  • Product Sign Supplies...Lettering brushes!
  • Bell Foamboard...A special Bell Coffee Mug!
  • Design House..."Crazy" Jack is sending along a copy of his new "Sign Designer" CD with over 1,000 cutable images and fonts.
  • The Letterhead Website...Choice of any book from The Letterhead Book Shop plus a website T-Shirt as soon as they are available.
  • AllWood Sign Blanks...Choice of any carving or wood related book from The Letterhead Book Shop


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