Meet Eric Weitzel. Our 2,000th. Member!

Buffalo Sign....Winter Springs, Florida

What an exciting week here at The Letterhead Website. Everyone was focused on the Letterhead Website Registration Form as we awaited the arrival of our 2,000 member. On Wed, July 9, at 13:09:49 EST, number 2,000 arrived. aikrik1.jpg - 8.68 K

Eric Weitzel, 30, from Winter Springs, Florida says signmaking runs in the family.

"My father did this at home for most of my childhood, along with working a full time job. I guess I have visions of doing the same thing. Some of my fondest memories are working with my Dad every weekend. We always had something to paint, be it stock cars, (my favorite and his), MDO, or a mural somewhere. To this day, he is busier than ever, even after retirement. To be honest, this is the man to do a profile on. I have thought for years what a wonderful gift it would be to get my Dad in a magazine, showing off his race cars! I know other people would enjoy seeing his stuff! If I could only get him on-line."

Eric and his fiancee, Jeanna, have recently launched Buffalo Sign. His first 3 months have been tough going, but he says things continue to improve every week.

"I have been working for other shops all of my life. Towards the end, I found myself becoming more frustrated by being told, "Don't outline that! It takes too much time". I decided that I wanted to make those decisions for myself, the only way was to try and run my own show. Based on my background and experience, I felt that I had a good chance of "making' it" out there on my own!"

"I do mostly design and sales work. We are not currently setup to do the fabrication ourselves, so we have to rely on others to help produce our work. This is not always easy, but it is expensive to acquire all the tools we need to actually do all our own fabrication. We started with a computer, and until I get some working money, it will have to do. I refuse to "go in the hole" from the start. We were fortunate to find a few shops that were actually excited to see someone come into their shop and offer a "commission only" fee for sales and design, so that keeps the cobwebs out."

"I do have a very supportive and beautiful fiancee with two very outgoing children. Jeanna and I have been together for about five years, along with her eight year old son Chad , and ten year old daughter Brenna . If it wasn’t for my family, I would not be where I am today. I try to do everything possible to stay focused on them, which is another reason I am committed to working at home."

Eric and Jeanna were thrilled to learn they won the 2,000th. member awards. Although they have not yet attended a Letterhead meet in person, they have followed the "movement" in the pages of SignCraft Magazine. Letterhead Chat Pals were the first to meet Eric, as he downloaded the mIRC Chat program and joined us all on Letterhead Chat later that same night. Watch for "Airik" on #letterheads. Looks like we have another one hooked. :)

On a personal note, Barb and I wish to thank all of you for the support you have shown us and this website. As many of you already know, this whole venture began as a hobby, following a pair of heart attacks. At the time, I really felt my signmaking career was over. Today, thanks to all of you and this website, I have more reason to get up each day then ever before. As we grow to welcome our 3,000th. member and beyond, we will continue to rely on your feedback on what direction you, the signmakers, want to go. Our best to all of you and your families!

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