Resident's Only Upload Photo Album

This form can be used to upload photos into The Letterville Uploadable Photo Album. This service is provided for  Letterville Residents  Only !

This courtesy is in place to provide an easy way for Letterville Residents  to display images on the Letterville BullBoard and the Letterville Auction only.  It is not to be used as a personal storage area or an area to upload photo's for non-residents.  Linking to these images from other Internet forums or web pages is not fair to Letterville as it costs money to host these files and supply the bandwidth to display them.  Doing so is not allowed.


Tips for Preparing Your Images

Images with many gradations of colour, such as photographic images are best saved in the JPG format.  Images with few gradations such as logos and artwork may be better saved as a GIF.  If you are using JPG, you can use the compression options to drastically bring the file size down without much visible difference between it and the original.

Images should be saved at a resolution of 72 dpi.  Higher resolutions just aren't needed for display on the web.

Images should not be more than 500 pixels wide.

Following these guidelines will create smaller graphics, which will load faster for everyone and will reduce bandwidth use at our end.



  1. Files must be in gif, jpg, bmp or png format.
  2. All uploads are logged for security purposes.
  3. No nudity, obscenity or objectionable materials may be posted.
  4. Uploads may be edited for size or content.
  5. All files must either be original, or have the permission of the photographer prior to posting.
  6. Photos become public property once posted here.
  7. Uploads may not be larger than 60 kilobytes.
Anyone breaching these rules will have their account disabled.

If you agree to the above rules click on the "I Agree" link below.


Steve & Barb

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