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Steve & Barb Shortreed
144 Hill St., E.
Fergus, ON, Canada
N1M 1G9

Phone: 519-787-2892
Fax: 519-787-2673
Email: barb@letterville.com

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  Topic Forum Date
1 Sports logo on indoor turf....HELP (post #0) Letterhead/Pinstriper Talk
2 Paint brushes in carry on baggage (post #0) Letterhead/Pinstriper Talk
3 Bookworm Gets Tweaked. (post #0) The Portfolio Table
4 Recommendation needed (post #0) Letterhead/Pinstriper Talk
5 St. George Plantation makeover (post #0) The Portfolio Table
6 Basketball Recruiting Wall (post #0) The Portfolio Table
7 Painting Magnetic material....Help! (post #0) Letterhead/Pinstriper Talk
8 Retro fitting a monument sign (post #0) The Portfolio Table
9 The Lighthouse Rules (post #0) The Portfolio Table
10 Wall Super Graphics (post #0) The Portfolio Table
11 City's Food Truck Court (post #0) The Portfolio Table
12 Flower Basket (post #0) The Portfolio Table
13 Lighthouse sign completed (post #0) The Portfolio Table
14 More Light House Progress (post #0) The Portfolio Table
15 Cape St. George Light Progression (post #0) The Portfolio Table
16 Centering Drop Shadows? (post #0) Letterhead/Pinstriper Talk
17 Heavy Banner with Latex? (post #0) Letterhead/Pinstriper Talk
18 Animal Medical Clinic: Design and fabrication (post #0) The Portfolio Table
19 Connecticut Woodcarvers Rock (post #0) The Portfolio Table
20 Lookin' for another Bastard. (post #0) Letterhead/Pinstriper Talk
21 Distressed Effect on Glass (post #0) The Portfolio Table
22 Was good to meet you (post #0) Letterhead/Pinstriper Talk
23 In Arcola (post #0) Letterhead/Pinstriper Talk
24 Arcola arrivals? (post #0) Letterhead/Pinstriper Talk
25 Knocking-off the Rusties (post #0) The Portfolio Table
26 Havana's General Store: Completed (post #0) The Portfolio Table
27 Who are the Arcola Registrants (post #0) Letterhead/Pinstriper Talk
28 Outta Curiosity (post #0) Letterhead/Pinstriper Talk
29 Emeralds in the Limestone, Off & On Topic (post #0) Letterhead/Pinstriper Talk
30 One thing leads to the next (post #0) The Portfolio Table
31 Havana's Genaral Store (post #0) The Portfolio Table
32 World's Smallest Police Station (post #0) The Portfolio Table
33 Corel font equivilent, Help??? (post #0) Letterhead/Pinstriper Talk
34 Garden View/ Magic Sculpt (post #0) The Portfolio Table
35 Learning a lesson on Letterville (post #0) Letterhead/Pinstriper Talk
36 Paint mask weeding, Viola! (post #0) Letterhead/Pinstriper Talk
37 Redoing an old friend (post #0) The Portfolio Table
38 Dan's Glaze Technique put to the Test (post #0) The Portfolio Table
39 Tree Frogs and Joe Diaz (post #0) The Portfolio Table
40 Bronze source please (post #0) Letterhead/Pinstriper Talk
41 Letterville is better... (post #0) Letterhead/Pinstriper Talk
42 Canopy Oaks/Magic Sculpt II (post #0) The Portfolio Table
43 Canopy Oaks/Magic Sculpt I (post #0) The Portfolio Table
44 Does Illy have..... (post #0) Letterhead/Pinstriper Talk
45 Sunday with the Manatees OT (post #0) Letterhead/Pinstriper Talk
46 For Cat Kennedy (post #0) The Portfolio Table
47 Clear this up (post #0) Letterhead/Pinstriper Talk
48 Clear this up (post #0) Letterhead/Pinstriper Talk
49 History Museum Facia (post #0) The Portfolio Table
50 Western Rope Border/ Flexisign pro HELP (post #0) Letterhead/Pinstriper Talk

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