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Posted by Duncan Wilkie (Member # 132) on :
Every day is a bit better. I had open heart surgery a week ago Monday. We’ve been tracking a leaky Aortic Valve for some time. The most recent echocardiogram showed a marked change and it was time to investigate more. I was sent for an Angiogram . I’ve had a lifetime of high chloresteral, so I assumed my vessels would be filled with blockage. I had started taking Statins in Feb. The great news is they found no blockages and my heart was healthy except for the one valve.
I was a good candidate for surgery. We decided on a tissue valve.
I was supposed to have a partial sternotomy, but the first valve they put in ended up being defective and needed to be replaced. After an ultrasound in The OR, they found I was bleeding, so the gave me a couple of units of blood. So, I ended up with a full sternotomy.
I’ll be home for sometime now.
A couple of notes.
My only outward symptom was shortness of breath over time.
My family Dr. detected some backwash in the valve. I was sent for an ekg, then echocardiogram. Then I saw a Cardiologist. The Cardiologist sent me for the Angiogram. Surgery was set up, and here I am.
Recovery is going well, but it’s a long process.
Get yourselves checked.
Posted by Dan Sawatzky (Member # 88) on :

This is definitely a surprise. We all like to believe we are invincible but sadly the truth is a little different.

I and our gang here wish you a speedy recovery!

Posted by Mark M. Kottwitz (Member # 1764) on :
Duncan, I too wish you a speedy recovery...
Posted by Rick Sacks (Member # 379) on :
It sure gets better.
I nowadays much of the valve replacement is done without splitting the sternum, which speeds recovery greatly.
Posted by Bob Kaschak (Member # 3146) on :
Best of luck for a speedy recovery.

Posted by Preston McCall (Member # 351) on :
Wow! Great news that you are on the road to recovery. Eight years ago, I developed some arythmia from being exposed to some black locust seed dust from mulching my yard 4 times with my mower. Shortness of breath and real tired. Went to my internist and then into the hospital for 11 days! They did about every test available and it was slowly abating with drugs. Put me on blood thinners, coreg, statins and various other drugs.
Today, I see the chief cardiologist at the local heart unit once a year and get my blood checked twice a year for my local internist. All is OK now. Very minor arythmia and blood pressure very low. My cholesterol is under 100. It really gives me comfort to know all is well and thaqt I feel 100%. Thank god for good insurance and medicare!
Good luck with your valve. Just know it does get better and in no time you will be back to your normal self.
Posted by PatRaap (Member # 4290) on :
Wishing you a good and speedy recovery!
Posted by Sonny Franks (Member # 588) on :
Glad you're OK, bro - you're the third friend who's gone thru open heart surgery recently. Scary, but you're all still here, thank God.....
Posted by Jean Shimp (Member # 198) on :
Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Your posting prompted us to make a doctor's appointment for a check up. Thank you.
Posted by Rick Sacks (Member # 379) on :
Following my OHS, it seemed like it took four months for me to feel not only strong, but confident. There was a day when the cardiologist said "you no longer need a cardiologist." Life gets better. Mine was the mitral valve.
Posted by David Harding (Member # 108) on :
Sorry to hear about your episode but it's good the problem was caught when it was. Keep up the recovery.

We should have all sprung for the extended warranty... well, I guess we all have a lifetime one... it's just never long enough!

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