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Posted by Dave Sherby (Member # 698) on :
Well I guess it's time for an update. A lot has happened to me in the last couple years.

1. I have been Mayor of my small town for about 3 years now. I became active in city government by becoming a councilor. Eventually I became Mayor Pro Tem and wouldn't you know the Mayor at the time sold his business where he lived upstairs and built a new house on property he owned. Since it was out of city limits he had to resign as Mayor and I was sworn in, then re-elected in the last election.

2. My sister in law's husband died and my wife and I drove to Indianapolis for the funeral. I fell ill there and ended up in the hospital for 4 days with a bad bout of colitis and bladder infection. They saw something on the cat scan but said it didn't look like cancer. One doctor wanted to do a colonoscopy immediately. There is no way I could have done the prep with the pain I was experiencing even on morphine. The doctor that would have preformed the colonoscopy trumped the first doctor and recommended I go home, heal up and undergo the procedure in one month. I healed up, felt normal again, had the colonoscopy where they found a baseball size cancerous tumor in my colon. They removed it the next day and I got lucky as I didn't even need chemo. I just have to get blood tests every 3 months and a colonoscopy and cat scan once a year for a bit. All healed up now and back to normal.

3. I am going to be resigning as Mayor at the July meeting. After what seemed like forever, we finally sold our house and I'm going to be moving to Texas. Once a year is not enough to see the grand kids so we're moving to the Dallas Metroplex area and I will be semi retiring. No more installs, no more jobs I don't care for. I want to concentrate on some 3D stuff with my CNC router and do more woodworking. I might even get back into some glass work like glue chipped and reverse gilding. But my main point will be no deadlines and I'll work if I feel like it. So I will be putting my shop up for sale soon and starting the next chapter of my life.
Posted by Bruce Bowers (Member # 892) on :
Good on you, Dave!

I wish you nothing but the best!
Posted by Don Hulsey (Member # 128) on :
Hey Dave,

Glad to hear things came out Ok. Wishing you the best in your new world.
Posted by Rick Sacks (Member # 379) on :
Being able to do the things that you love, around people that you love, when you want to, sounds kinda ideal.
Posted by Sal Cabrera (Member # 1236) on :
Glad to hear things came out Ok Dave, good luck and wishing you the Best!
Posted by Duncan Wilkie (Member # 132) on :
Glad to hear you’re taking charge of your life. All the best.
Posted by Dave Grundy (Member # 103) on :
Dave, glad to hear that your health issues are under control. I get those colonoscopies every two years. They are a "pain in the butt"!!!

Nice to hear that you finally sold your house in WAY northern Michigan and can now move to somewhere that is warmer in the winter.

Retirement has worked out great for me, but I also understand the semi-retirement thing too.

Best of luck my friend!

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Posted by Mark M. Kottwitz (Member # 1764) on :
Dave, glad to hear they caught it in time.

I'm glad your able to move closer to the grandkids. I have a 4 year old granddaughter, and a 2 month old grand daughter, and there is nothing better...
Posted by Bob Kaschak (Member # 3146) on :
Glad to hear that all went as well as could be.

Good for you on retiring and seeing the Grandkids. We have two right now, with the third due on the 8th (any day now). A whole lot of fun.

Enjoy Texas!
Posted by PatRaap (Member # 4290) on :
Sounds like lots of life changes going on! Happy to hear that you finally sold your house and are able to move closer to your family. Sorry to hear about your cancer....but glad they caught it in time!
Good luck to you! And Enjoy those grand kids!
Posted by Dave Sherby (Member # 698) on :
Well we officially closed on our house in Michigan and for the next couple months will be living in an extra house my sister in law owns that they rent to hunters. Well have to be in Texas by the first week in September. We're closing on our new house on Monday (July 29) but I have to build a shop for my retirement job which is woodworking at my leisure and 3D signs on MY schedule, IF I feel like it. LOL
I just can't part with my tools so I need to build a shop.

On a sad note I had to put down my 18 year old buddy Fitch, my shop cat. It was tough but his kidneys were failing and he was eating a lot but losing weight. He was always a sleek and fit 11 pound cat and he was down to 6 pounds. You could feel every vertebrae, both top and sides, ribs and hips. Poor guy was becoming nothing but fur and bones. My vet said he wouldn't have lasted another month, but it was still a hard thing to do. I'm sure many of you have had to do the same.

Here's the handsome fellow


For some reason Fitch liked vehicles. He would perform a cat scan on any customers vehicle, at least that's what I told my customers when we would walk out and he would be on the roof of their car.


Here he is helping my employee weed some vinyl.


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Posted by PatRaap (Member # 4290) on :
Sorry for your loss Dave. Glad things are moving along for you....know you have been wanting to get to Texas for quite awhile.

If you need a break - come on down to Coopersville, Mi in August..for our letterhead meet. August 16,17 18. Going to be very casual get together.
Posted by Bob Kaschak (Member # 3146) on :
I'm so sorry about losing your shop cat. They are great companions and quiet comical.

I have had many cats over the years with some making 17, 18 and 19 years and its hard to lose one after that many years.

Another shop cat will show-up at your door in Texas and say "meyallll"

Posted by Alicia B. Jennings (Member # 1272) on :
You gave that kitty a good long life.
Posted by Don Hulsey (Member # 128) on :
As a sign painter its always tough to lose a good Fitch, but I'm sure this was even worse. Really sorry to hear that.

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