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Posted by Mark Yearwood (Member # 2723) on :
Hello fellow Letterheads,
It's been a loooong time since I've been on this site. A lot of water has ran under the bridge. I'm still doing sign work and painting art, although art is up and down. Sign jobs keep me busy and I just built a new shop in a new town, which is crazy at my age...but, hey I guess I'll never quit! I just wanted to see if anyone I knew was still on this board. [Smile]
Posted by Alicia B. Jennings (Member # 1272) on :
I am still here like an old over grown tree root that you every now and then you trip over it. "I ain't a budging!"
Posted by Rick Sacks (Member # 379) on :
tell us about your new shop?
Posted by PatRaap (Member # 4290) on :
Good to see you on her Mark! Happy New Year to you! Dennis and I are still on here - although we don't post much - we visit regularly!
Posted by Don Hulsey (Member # 128) on :
I'm still lurking in the background and I would like to hear about your new shop too.
Posted by DianeBalch (Member # 1301) on :
I would like to know more about your shop

Posted by Dan Sawatzky (Member # 88) on :
I still pop in from time to time. Good to hear from you.

Building a shop is always a good idea. I built our shop at age 50 and added to it a decade later. We just undertook our most ambitious project we've ever personally tackled. Officially it belongs to Peter but as he says we are all in this together.

I turned 65 yesterday and have no plans to retire or slow down. I'm simply having too much fun doing what I love. Best of all I get to do it with family by my side.

-grampa dan
Posted by Susan Banasky (Member # 1164) on :
Hello Mark, nice to hear you are still around doing what you love. Dan, happy belated birthday. I lurk here as well.....missing those that left us. Hoping to hear about the new shop and the new town. Sounds like a fresh start. Good luck in your new adventure.
Posted by DianeBalch (Member # 1301) on :
We inherited the family Christmas tree farm and the house and garage that are on it. It is 100 miles from our home of the last 34 years. Ernie couldn’t part with it, so who built a 32’ x 56’ heated pole barn. We now have a second work shop , which includes his first home built CNC router, blacksmithing equipment, power hammer and forges, wood working equipment. Metal working equipment . He just finished building a 5’ x 5’ CNC plasma cutter. (From an old CNC router), We also have all the equipment for sand casting aluminum parts. Having fun, not ready to fully retire

Posted by Mark Yearwood (Member # 2723) on :
Hi Guys,
I made a lot of changes after my wife passed in early 2015. Sold the place in Weatherford, met a woman here East of OKC and found some land to build this shop. Built it a little bigger and plan to lease part of it. I still show art in two galleries. One in Santa Fe and the other in Hoboken, NJ. Art is up and down but my NJ gallery sends me quite a few commission jobs. I'm really back to making signs and trying to move more handcrafted and nicer design work. We also built a waterfront metal home on Lake Eufaula, OK, which is where we spend about every weekend.
So, still creating in one form or another!I'm also on Instagram @yearwooddesignworks. FB as well, but I'm burning out from all the crap there. Instagram is more visual without the rants! Take care everyone!
Posted by Chuck Peterson (Member # 70) on :
I look forward to seeing your latest work. Life keeps unfolding. Just when we think it's how it's gonna be, it changes again.
Posted by Duncan Wilkie (Member # 132) on :
Hi Mark,
I've been following your ambitious shop project. It's turning out really nice. Thanks for sharing.
Posted by Dave Sherby (Member # 698) on :
Hi Mark, good to hear from you. I still have the tool box that you put a pin stripe design on and signed at the Mazeppa Muster in 2005. Part of it is scratched off but most of it is still there. Sorry to hear about your wife. And I agree with your comment on Facebook. It has become pretty disgusting lately. I'll have to check into the instagram thing.
Posted by Felix Marcano (Member # 1833) on :
Nice to hear from you Mark. I still pop in and out of Letterville from time to time. Still living in Puerto Rico, and enjoying our "freezing" winter weather! Doing more boat work than anything these days.
Posted by Dennis Kiernan (Member # 12202) on :
Mark, when you're sending, say, a painting to NJ, how do you send it? Do you need to crate it yourself?
Posted by David Harding (Member # 108) on :
I'm still here, too. I'm not doing as many projects as I used to and mainly do work for two customers. One job we're working on is an identity system for some walking and jogging trails in a business park. It's been a fun one to be involved with. The business park is loaded with whimsical outdoor art and is quite pretty.

I've had loads of back problems (7 degenerated discs) and have lost 1.5" height from when I was in my 20s. I've had several major surgeries and numerous injections for the low back and sciatic pain. I call the sciatic nerve the "psychotic nerve" because when it goes out, it makes me want to kill something!

In spite of the pain, I still backpack, ride motorcycles in the desert, play flag football, basketball and soccer. I figure if I'm going to hurt, I might as well have some fun while I'm hurting.

Since I spend as much time as possible in the outdoors, I recently took a Wilderness Advanced First Aid course... but I'll probably be my own patient!

Tomorrow, they will put in an electronic neurostimulator (a.k.a. the "Bug Zapper") in my spine for a week long test. I'll even have my own remote control! If that doesn't get me relief from the sciatic pain, I'll need to have another major 360º fusion, something I don't look forward to. I had a 360º fusion at L5-S1 a couple years ago and this surgery would do the same at L4-L5 and add more hardware at L3-L4. The doctors can't give me a straight answer on how I'll like the results. Finally, one of the PAs told me the reason is none of them have seen someone my age (66) who wants to do all the things I do. If the fusion cuts the pain, I may be willing to put up with some restrictions. The amount of pain I deal with daily is a drag and I also want to get off all the pain meds which make me fuzzy and forgetful.
Posted by Debra Carr (Member # 6986) on :
Glad you all are still here! I've not read or posted in a few years - But, always appreciate the feed back whenever I did have a question. After 34 years of sign making in western NC, we made the move (only 2.5 hours west) to be near our five grands! (all 3 of our children/spouse live here) I wanted to retire, but miss the work and the income! Thus, going to set back up for selective work - no more 80 hours work weeks for me! Exciting to read about your new shop and other sign maker's updates. Sorry about the back pain, David. My niece recently had the neurostimulator week test, then the surgery.
Posted by Dave Grundy (Member # 103) on :
I'm also still here, and enjoying retirement.

The only thing they get wrong about the "golden years" is that they are the "rusty years"! [Rolling On The Floor]

David, I can empathise with your back problems. I also have degenerated/bulged discs in my lower back and experience sciatic nerve pain. I will be re-trying spinal decompression when we return to Canada in May.
Posted by Sonny Franks (Member # 588) on :
Still around, but don't drop by as much anymore. We'll be in Keene, New Hampshire this summer with the Walldogs - you guys should come. It's an indescribable feeling to transform a town in 4 days....
Posted by Chris Lovelady (Member # 2540) on :
I haven't been around much. Just popped in to see what's going on. Great to see familiar faces.
Posted by Tony Broussard (Member # 935) on :
Been a while for me too. I've moved more into web design, social media marketing, aerial photo & video, video production. I guess you could say I went the Dan Antonelli route. Still do boat numbers though.

Good to see all the familiar faces, and sadly to learn that some are no longer with us.

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