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Posted by Alicia B. Jennings (Member # 1272) on :
Okay, so I have have this logo and a couple of words. Height, about 12 inches tall. I'm gonna cut them on my CNC router. I will be using 1/2 PVC board, but I want to double stack it so the letters/logo will be 1 inch thick. What a real good, non visible glue I can use?
Posted by Mark M. Kottwitz (Member # 1764) on :
I usually use a clear pvc glue from lowes.

I would worry about having a seam in the finished product...

Can I ask why you want to glue up 2 pieces of 1/2? I just checked my prices, and 1" is just a fraction more than double the cost of 1/2". Certainly worth the cost of the glue.
Posted by Alicia B. Jennings (Member # 1272) on :
It cause I already have a 1/2 inch 4 x 8 sheet of black PVC board that I want to use (Get Rid Of)
Posted by Don Hulsey (Member # 128) on :
If you use PVC glue you need to use a primer first. Be sure the primer is CLEAR, NOT PURPLE. The purple primer is designed to stain the PVC so the inspector can easily see that you have used a primer.
Posted by Jean Shimp (Member # 198) on :
We use Low-Voc PVC Vinyl Fence Cement in a 4 oz tube from Lowes or HD. It will weld PVC together. It is nasty stuff to breathe and sets up very quickly. We stay away from the edge of the sign so when you squeeze the mating pieces together you don't get seepage out the side edge. You can use a lightweight spackle in the seams if necessary before painting the edges.

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