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Posted by Rick Sacks (Member # 379) on :
There are several "trade only" printers. We do not and have never and plan to never do enough to justify buying equipment to do this in house. We've been outsourcing to 365 quite a bit over the years. Another shop told me who they deal with they say is considerably less expensive. My questions are wondering if there is a difference in quality? Does one type of ink or a brand of material provide a better and more long lasting product for my customer? What questions should I ask a supplier before ordering? Thanks.
Posted by Rick Beisiegel (Member # 3723) on :
For us it's all about turn around time. Big differences in speed. Some make a portion of their profit on shipping. Which is ok, but it has to be reasonable.

My .02 [Cool]
Posted by Rick Sacks (Member # 379) on :
They all have a one day shipping time. Is there a difference in the vinyl? or the adhesive? or the fade resistance of the inks?
Posted by Curt Stenz (Member # 82) on :
I am in the same boat as Rick as far as owning/leasing equipment, no way!

When I do meed to provide any printed materials, I use 365. The 3M Controltac U-180C, I feel is the best. As for fade resistance get it laminated. I tell people they may expect 5 - 7 years depending on the elements, and in Wisconsin I have never had an issue.

Beware of shops that claim to be 'wholesale only', I have had one in particular undermine me, approaching the client directly and selling the work.
Posted by Dave Sherby (Member # 698) on :
Curt, that should only happen once, the first time the "wholesale only" does that to you. I like my supplier since I can price out a graphic without them even knowing who the client is. How can they NOT print my order when it has been sent in? Good way to lose you for good.
Posted by Chuck Peterson (Member # 70) on :
I use signs 365 and am very satisfied. I see cheaper places, but I am afraid to take the risk. I mark the printing up enough so I am happy with my profit.

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