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Posted by Pete Payne (Member # 344) on :
Hello letterheads. I just got off the phone with Steve and asked me to do the sad duty of letting you know what's happening. He has had a bad heart condition for years as most of you know, as well as the kidney failure that came along a while ago. Nothing is going too improve, he's wheelchair bound and sleeps most of the time. His Doctor says sometime in the next month or two he will just not wake up, or as Steve said," I'll go to sleep one night and wake up dead".Sorry to the messenger on this,but it is what it is at this point. It's been over twenty years since his first of many heart attacks so I guess he/we can be thankful for that. Thinking of Barb, the kids and grandkids, Pete
Posted by Dave Grundy (Member # 103) on :
Thank you for the update Pete. Our prayers are for Steve and Barb right now.
Posted by Ricardo Davila (Member # 3854) on :
Thank you, Pete........Our prayers are with you, well as with Barb and the rest of your loving family.

God bless you Steve.


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Posted by old paint (Member # 549) on :
we all are gona have that day........we wake up dead(as steve would say with a chuckle). some way before those who know them, are ready for it and for some it didnt happen soon enough!!!!! and then a few of us get to visit the other side and come back to tell others........what a wonderful place it is. i am one of them.
steve will love and enjoy it. there is no pain, hunger, cold, light or dark, no longer limited to the failing body you had......when you left and woke up there. i was there for 6 days, and didnt want to leave. so the only pain and sorrow are with those of us who will miss the person who is now gone from our lives.
knowing those who pass on are happy and pain free and are in a great our only solace for our loss of them not being in our lives anymore.
as i write this iam missing one of our dear friends MIKE BOONE..... whos passing date is close. as with all we lose, it is their living, and how they touched our lives that make it a little easier to accept OUR not having them here.....and knowing they will never be forgotten.

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Posted by Don Hulsey (Member # 128) on :
Our thoughts and prayers are with you both Steve and Barb I feel honored to call you my friends.
Posted by Duncan Wilkie (Member # 132) on :
You've made a positive impact on many lives Steve. I, for one,
have made many good friends because of you're efforts. Peace be with you my friend. You've made a difference.
Posted by Neil D. Butler (Member # 661) on :
Sad news indeed. Thinking of both of you Steve and barb. One things for certain. He impacted a lot of lives over the years, in a very positive way.
Posted by Bevin Finlay (Member # 2159) on :
My thoughts and prayers go out to you as well. Both Steve and Barb have been one of the most positive influences for me in my appreciation for the craft and the opportunity to meet such a wonderful and talented group of people over all these years. Your knowledge and teachings will never be forgotten my dear friend.
Posted by George Perkins (Member # 156) on :
Such sad news I don't think I have ever personally know any one person who had an impact and brought together so many people.
Posted by Rick Sacks (Member # 379) on :
Living in that state for so long is not something any of us would welcome. Steve and Barb's friendship and contributions to our lives and profession are over the top good and I hope Steve knows that. His decision many years back that this site would be about the people more than the work was a brave move that has many of us bonded in beautiful and caring ways. Steve, thanks for visiting us and playing in our shop.
Posted by Tom & Kathy Durham (Member # 776) on :
We love you Steve and Barb! Prayers
Posted by Ricardo Davila (Member # 3854) on :
Thank you Steve and Barb for your outstanding accomplishment of bringing so many talented people together, for such a long time.

Posted by Dale Feicke (Member # 767) on :
Thanks Steve, and Barb, for a long time of friendship and fellowship (and some lively discussions) on this site. Hopefully, it will continue, after you've gone on to be with the Lord.

Like OP said, it'll be a wonderful place, where we will all long to be one day.

God bless you.
Posted by Charles Borges de Oliveir (Member # 3770) on :
Thank you Steve and Barb for Letterville! You guys are in my prayers.
Posted by Dave Sherby (Member # 698) on :
I'm sure Steve knows that he has helped many sign makers with their careers, I wonder if he knows how much. Most of my sign making knowledge came from Letterhead meets, Signcraft magazine, and a major part from this site. Thank you Steve for all your help, I really do appreciate your efforts at keeping the craft alive. When the Lord calls you, rest in peace my friend. We'll pray for Barb too so she can cope with her loss. Godspeed my friend.
Posted by Shirley Carron (Member # 2446) on :
Sad News indeed.
Steve (and Barb), Thank you for the impact you've had. I so enjoyed meeting you and spending time together at the few meets I attended.
It's hard to find the words but I hope for you a better place without pain.
Barb I and everyone here are here for you.
Posted by Kevin Gaffney (Member # 4240) on :
Sad news. Thoughts and prayers with Steve and Barb
Posted by Wayne Webb (Member # 1124) on :
I am saddened to hear this. Keeping you on my prayer list, Steve. May God truly bless you in the days ahead.
Posted by PatRaap (Member # 4290) on :
Such sad news. So glad to have had the opportunity to have got to know Steve and Barb, and even spend time at their place for the Bushie Bash. [Smile] We too, have learned so much from Letterville and are so grateful for that and all the friends we have made here.
Steve and Barb, we will be praying that God may give you the comfort and peace you need to get through this. Sending you both some BIG HUGS!

Dennis and Pat
Posted by Ian Stewart-Koster (Member # 3500) on :
Well all be in a similar situation at some stage in our lives - but Steve and Barb's wisdom, greatness and effort in bringing us together here, worldwide, will always be remembered and appreciated.

Our thoughts and prayers for a pain free time, as well as can be expected.
Thanks VERY much for all you've done for the sign community!
Posted by Chuck Peterson (Member # 70) on :
I have good memories of Steve & Barb visiting and I gave them a tour of North San Diego Coastal area and spaghetti dinner at Pappachino's in Del Mar. I wish you both well.
Posted by Dale Manor (Member # 4858) on :
Our thoughts, prayers and hearts go out to you Steve & Barb. We appreciate all that you have done for us as Letterheads, Walldogs, artists, and fellow travelers of this journey....Peace

Dale and Brenda
Posted by jack wills (Member # 521) on :
During a rare moment in time I was able to meet you & Barb, in person on a mountain in Volcano, Ca. Enjoyed some talk and sharing idea's for other meets in the future. That was luck for me. We spoke by phone later on occasion and laughed a lot.
The Sign Department up yonder waits for us all. I hope to see you again.............Prayer's

Posted by Si Allen (Member # 420) on :
My thoughts, prayers and hearts go out to you Steve & Barb.

Thank you for bringing so many talented people together and the opportunity to meet such a wonderful and talented group of people over all these years.

Barb, keep your chin up … I know how tough it is, but you will get through this. I know how it is as I went through similar with Marty!

Steve … my wish is that you go through this painlessly and are comforted by the love of the thousands who have been here on this site.

I shall always remember the crazy and fun times that we have had together over the years!
Posted by Doug Allan (Member # 2247) on :
I felt a strong pull to visit Letterville this weekend. It is to say thank you to Steve and Barb for everything expressed so well in all these words of praise and gratitude written above! You and the community you represent, and facilitate has been life changing!
Posted by Susan Banasky (Member # 1164) on :
Sad news....but this is not goodbye....with much love and respect, we'll all see you on the other side!!! Steve and Barb, you have brought a world of creative sign makers and artists together, and held us together for guys ROCK!

Thank you both soooooo much for all you have done for us here at Letterville and beyond. Peace.
Posted by Rick Chavez (Member # 2146) on :
Steve and Barb,

Having held this group of us together, and maintaining this site has been an amazing feat. Your support has placed you amongst the greats and worthy or admiration and praise. I have always considered myself a Letterhead in spirit, and having this home to go to has made me a better sign maker... thank you for making our craft better... thank you for making me a better sign maker.

Love, peace and prayers as you both go through this.
Posted by Dan Sawatzky (Member # 88) on :
Who would have believed there would be a place where people of like mind could connect on a daily basis for so many years? It was created by the unique vision of our good buddy Steve. I joined back in 1998 and dropped many thousands of times since. Lettervillle has been a place to learn, share and be inspired.

Many friendships have formed here and then gone on to become stronger in real life. Like real life families there have been squabbles, some breakups and some reconciliations too.

On one wall in my shop are hundreds of autographs and messages, many from people who frequent this place, Steve included. I cherish each of them and when I see them I am reminded of many good times and happy memories.

There is only one thing to express and that is a heartfelt THANK-YOU!
-gramp dan
Posted by Glenn Taylor (Member # 162) on :
I don't know what to say that hasn't already been said. Thank you Steve and Barb. You are always in my prayers.
Posted by Sal Cabrera (Member # 1236) on :
Our prayers are with you, well as with Barb.

Jackie and Sal
Posted by David Wright (Member # 111) on :
I stand with all the great comments, wishes and prayer offerings here.
Steve and Barb, you are in my prayers.
Posted by bill riedel (Member # 607) on :
The first time I met Steve, he told me to join Letterheads, he said there is so much to be shared.
There is no way one could be thankful enough for all the many friends from all over the U.S., Canada, Australia, Hawaii, Finland, England, Norway, Germany, Porta Rico, England, Ireland and Scotland. All through Letterheads.
Steve is absolutely a one in a million Super Star.
Bill Riedel
Posted by Bob Rochon (Member # 30) on :
Well then Steve, flowers are for the living, so at this time I want to thank you and Barb for the enormous impact you have had in not only my own life and career but this industry as a whole. I love letterville and all of it's ups and downs. Im glad to have had the pleaseure of many years on this board since it's early years, as well as the few times I have had enjoyed your company. So many of us wouldn't still be here if it wasn't for you and your vision. Thank you and God Bless you!

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Posted by Jean Shimp (Member # 198) on :
I echo the sentiments of everyone here in Letterville. This has been my "go to" place where I know I can find help from like minded sign crafters. We are of a different lot than the typical "quickie stickie" business owners. Steve and Barb have managed to find a way to create this unique community. I am truly grateful for this. My prayers are that Steve and Barb, you will be in peace. And know how much you have helped so many people.
Posted by Jackson Smart (Member # 187) on :
Sad indeed.

May your journey be filled with loving memories of people you loved and all those that loved you.

Journey well my friend. This is not the assured.

Posted by Norman Biss (Member # 335) on :
My thoughts are with you both.
I reflect back on the time, some years ago, when you both came down to a New Zealand Letterheads meet and I had the pleasure of hosting you. Not only did I enjoy your company regarding the "craft" but also your musical knowledge. I will forever be reminded of Steve every time I play one of the thousands of MP3's he gave me.
Kia kaha Barb....(Kia kaha is a Māori phrase used by the people of New Zealand meaning STAY STRONG, used as an affirmation)
Posted by Donna in BC (Member # 130) on :
I was just packing up my signmaking files today. 22 years into 3 small boxes to be shelved for who knows why.

But one thing that has and always will remain, are the friendships that derived from this site, thanks to Stevo.

Steve, you completed a dream with flying colours! You changed the signmaking industry for everyone here. We are a family that will never be boxed up on some shelf.

Even though some of us have strayed from the profession, this place will always be our Letterville family, thanks to the efforts of both you and Barb. You, my friend, have done something amazing with your life! And we thank you and love you for it.
Posted by Bob Darnell (Member # 27) on :
I visited with Steve and Barb around the holidays when I heard the news. Steve was his same old self in terms of outlook and it was a very nice visit, although he was very weak and tired. I knew things were pretty serious because he said some things that were very important for him to tell me, and for me to hear. He was saying goodbye to me and it has left my heart broken.
Posted by Kristi Percell (Member # 255) on :
Our thoughts and prayers are with Steve and Barb. We love you both!

Kristi & Ron Percell
Posted by Rusty Bradley (Member # 6938) on :
At the end of the day the most important question one can ask of themselves is..."Did I leave the world a better place for having lived"...the tremendous outpouring of appreciation and gratitude as seen here in Letterville answers that question resoundingly...Steve's efforts here have meant so much to so many...a job well done my friend... [Applause]

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Posted by Sunset Regall (Member # 11140) on :
I'm a latecomer, compared to the rest of these fine people here, but I have learned many valuable tips and tricks from this site. Steve and Barb...thank you so very much.
Posted by Fred Weiss (Member # 3662) on :
Letterville is an inspiration to us all. Steve and Barb, you should take great pride in your accomplishments here.

Fred Weiss
Posted by Brad Ferguson (Member # 33) on :
I have learned much here.
Thank you, Steve.
Posted by Pam Eddy (Member # 1858) on :
Though I don't post much, I do come here often and have since the 1990s. This is my place to come visit others in the trade and learn something new with every visit. It is incredibly sad to hear this news. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
Posted by Chris D Sullivan (Member # 12713) on :
You are in my thoughts, thanks for the site and a great place to hear others knowledge and expiriance.
Posted by Deb Fowler (Member # 1039) on :
Steve and Barb,
As Donna says you may have strayed but you will always be here..

You are timeless, and your spirit and generosity and humor are always going to live with each and everyone of us; nothing changes but we will miss you seeing you arriving at our houses to visit! You made many trips, even to Australia. For this and all the connections you helped make possible, you are very much loved and cherished.

I hope you are free from pain, and as others say, we all are going to another place, as that is life's journey. I don't believe for a minute that death is an end but a beginning into a higher consciousness that we cannot fathom the glory and magnitude of, only imagine.

It is getting close to the time where we lost Michael Boone and then there is Timi, David Drane, Bushie, Marty, and circle of life will continue, but please know that we are always going to be together and here for Barb as she is for us.

Love and prayers, Deb
Posted by Tony McDonald (Member # 1158) on :
Thank you both for letting me hang out here.
For years, Letterville has been my first stop in the morning with a big cup of coffee, and have learned a lot.
You are both in our thoughts and prayers.
Posted by David Harding (Member # 108) on :
I'm very sorry to log on and hear news like this. Steve and Barb have been part of my life for almost two decades now. I've learned a bunch from their efforts, made many friends and have even stayed in their house. I wish the Shortreed family the best as they go through this.
Posted by John Byrd (Member # 825) on :
Love you, Steve. Thanks for keeping us all together here.
Posted by Rick Beisiegel (Member # 3723) on :
Wow, everyone else said it so eloquently! I've hung here since 3/2003. I've had the pleasure of shaking your hand at several events I've attended. Our best to Steve & Barb

[Group Hug]

Posted by Janette Balogh (Member # 192) on :
My heart is aching from this news. Words can't convey the impact that knowing Steve and Barb has had for me. Life long friendships, valuable knowledge and some wonderful experiences. Loads of laughs, tears and heartfelt feelings from one little website, Steve's brainchild and the caring efforts of two very special people. I have always been, and will continue to be grateful for having crossed life paths with Steve and Barb. Love and Peace Dear Friends. ~ nettie
Posted by Rick Sacks (Member # 379) on :
I can't remember how I first heard about this site, but I remember finding it hard to believe it was true. Bac then we had numbers and I was eighty something. There were folks that I'd chat with and eventually meet and find them to be who I expected in real time. The friendships here have been tremendous, and all Steve and Barb's dream to make a virtual letterhead meet when computers were new to many of us and our connections were dial up. Steve, thanks again for allowing me tone part of your dream!
Posted by Curt Stenz (Member # 82) on :
Steve, I have never gotten to meet you but I can remember when you were still making signs, you were the subject of an article (possibly two) in SignCraft many years ago. I can still remember your style of lettering and bold colors. You are a master.

This site has been a bookmark on my system for as long as I have had internet with dial-up. I have seen various topics come and go but you always handled touchy topics wisely and honestly.

Thank you for all you have done for this craft. I know there have been numerous sacrifices you and Barb have had to make and I just want to say Thank You brother.
Posted by Sonny Franks (Member # 588) on :
I've been hesitating to comment because I don't know what to say. Steve, your impact on the Letterhead community will never be surpassed. We've had many late night conversations about the biz, music, and the strange and wonderful people you've brought together through Letterville.
You laid out a heavy story at the campfire one night at the Moncton meet and we're all fortunate to have every moment we share with you. Whatever the future holds for us, the memories and the journey have been enhanced by your efforts and you and Barb will always be in our thoughts and prayers....
Posted by Rich Stebbing (Member # 368) on :
All of the above posts say so much that I feel. Although I have drifted to another career path my years as a Sign Painter has defined me so much and Steve and his contribution are right there with Signcraft Magazine as old friends that I could lean on and grow. Steve & Letterville are "icons"! To have shared stories & laughs with Steve & Barb are memories that well remembered & priceless. None of are as bulletproof as we once were and I hope Steve will draw strength from these posts and receive our prayers.
Posted by FranCisco Vargas (Member # 145) on :
Wow, this really is some sad news. I haven't been around for some time. I remember meeting Steve and Barb a few times here in CA. We had a few good conversations and laughs. One that clicks was about ole Ted Bukovscak who had sent Steve some feathers from his chicken Gertrude, I laugh now cause I met Ted on my journey and saw that chicken. I really admired his lettering skills. Like many of you thru this site, it was very beneficial, from the wealth of knowledge and also it helped me back in '98 to meet a lot of you in person when I went cross country. Barb, I know to some might think this is wrong but to others and I have done this with some friends and people close to me who were on the way to the new promised land was to video record them and ask away questions or let them talk and say things that come to mine or if you could say something to someone would be the time. We all prayer for you Steve and hope the best for you...
Posted by Ricardo Davila (Member # 3854) on :
Great idea !........

Posted by Mark Pinkse (Member # 1204) on :
Like it has be said earlier by Frank Wiess "Letterville is an inspiration to us all. Steve and Barb, you should take great pride in your accomplishments here." I for one would not have taken on projects, learned the business of signs and stretch myself, as I am self taught, if it had not been for this place. Steve,you and Barb will always be in our thoughts and prayers also.
Posted by Brian Oliver (Member # 2019) on :
Sad news to hear. I would like to add my feelings of gratitude and appreciation for all you have done for our trade. It's not many people in this world that can look back and point to an influence and impact on the world comparable to the one you have made. Words are not adequate to express the depth of emotion. Peace.
Posted by Alicia B. Jennings (Member # 1272) on :
This is very sad news. Together Steve and Barb has brought so many people together, not only from this country, but from all over the world. That is some accomplishment to be very proud of. God bless you both, Steve and Barb. May the jouney of your soul endure in peace and happiness for eternity.
Posted by Dennis Kiernan (Member # 12202) on :
What sad news. I wish I was better with words to express my feelings. I've never had the chance to meet you in person, Steve and Barb, but I feel like you're old friends. I've often thought that when my time comes I'd want to be able to say that I'd accomplished something worthwhile during my short stay here, that I'd contributed something to the world and would be remembered for it. The feelings expressed by all the people here prove that you can certainly feel assured that you've done that and will be missed by many friends.
Posted by Kent Smith (Member # 251) on :
I will always have fond memories of meeting Steve and Barb in KC in 1983. You have both cone well in keeping the spirit alive and you are in our daily thoughts.
Posted by Donald Miner (Member # 6472) on :
So sorry to hear about your battles, Steve. I never had the opportunity to attend any meets or to get to know you. But I will remember your great contributions to the world of signs. I am certain Shep would join me when I say, May you be in Heaven thirty minutes before the devil knows you left. Peace and Prayers. Don
Posted by Colleen Henderson (Member # 906) on :
Truly sad news to hear! I'm feeling very fortunate th have spent time with both of you, and applaud the contributions that you both selflessly made to promote our craft & forever friendships.
We will all be together someday, beyond here, for that Great Letterhead Meet that I know Steve will orchestrate!
Until then thoughts & prayers to both of you!
Posted by Curtis hammond (Member # 2170) on :
IT was a great day at your home with steve barb, boone, bushy, laura, and a host of other fine people.
I got to hear first hand the "eh" and "aboot" for the word about.
Being there is a highlight. That is how you and the gang will be remembered by every one..
Posted by Bob Kaschak (Member # 3146) on :
Thoughts and prayers Steve and Barb.
Posted by Joe Cieslowski (Member # 2429) on :
I thought I'd check in on this snowy day to catch up on things here.

I'm so sad to see this news about Steve. I met him and Barb in Atlantic City in '95. They were like instant friends and were over the moon about Letterville. I got my first computer shortly after that and the first site I went to was here.

We've met many times since and, of course, become great friends.

To Steve and Barb.....we all need to make the most of the days we have left and find the beauty and joy they hold. You both have enriched so many lives, in so many ways. I feel privileged to have been one of them.



Makin Chips and Havin Fun!
Posted by Bruce Bowers (Member # 892) on :
Prayers from my house to yours.

Words are hard to find through the pain I am feeling right now.
Posted by Bill Lynch (Member # 3815) on :
Such sad news. My prayers are with you and your family and the great extended sign family you created here. You were really a pioneer in the online community and helped save the love of our craft. That will go on forever.
Posted by Jane Diaz (Member # 595) on :
I agree with Sonny. I just don't know what to say. Prayers from all of us here and Big HUGE HUGS to all!
Posted by Jillbeans (Member # 1912) on :
Lots of love from me as well. You guys are a big part of my life. I think I'm not alone here when I say that the Letterhead movement has changed my life, had a huge impact on me and even my children. Steve and Barb have been there from the beginning for me. Keeping yins in my thoughts and prayers.
Posted by Gino M. Wise (Member # 33230) on :
Been a long time since I've been here. Would just like to share my feelings on such a sad occasion.

Steve went out of his way when I joined to help me. One of the most caring and friendliest people I've met on-line in a long time. Never had the pleasure of meeting him or his wife in person, but this place gives you the feeling just the same.

I'm sure you'll be lettering along side of Mike, Rick and some of the other greats.

Take care and for the rest of the family..... you're in our prayers.
Posted by Brian Dish (Member # 10782) on :
Hope you are not suffering, and to you and your family you are in my prayers. I never had the pleasure to meet you or your wife but have learned a lot from your forum and thank you for having me!
Posted by Steve Lane (Member # 5850) on :
....Dawn & I cherish the memory of the wonderful time we had rocking out with Steve "onstage" (the Shortreed's back deck).......
......first, it was a great day panel jammin' with old friends and new; Jon "Bushie" Butterworth blasting out panels with amazing speed and skill....I still don't know how Steve & Barb, who were graciously hosting Australian visitors, somehow also managed to put together an impromptu meet!
......Steve showed us how he does what he does so well, a perfectly rendered script off the brush, one stroke.....beautiful.......
.....and then we played some music, as loud as our equipment (and Bushie) would was pure magic!

....peace be with Steve & Barb.....
Posted by Bob Moroney (Member # 9498) on :
Steve & Barb, I'm so sorry to hear such sad news. Your creation, Letterville, has been such a tremendous help and source of enjoyment for me. May God bless you as you have blessed all of us with your online community. My prayers are with you.
Posted by Craig Sjoquist (Member # 4684) on :
Thank you Steve for all you have done & all that will happen in the future because of you
Posted by Troy Haas (Member # 472) on :
Many have strayed from the sign business for one reason or another, but Letterville will always be home and that is because of the hard work, dedication and the love of signs and people that Steve and Barb has contributed to this world.
The world is truly a better place because of you. Thoughts are with you...
Posted by Judy Pate (Member # 237) on :
My heart goes out to you. Lifting you, Barb and your whole family up in prayer during this time. My life has been enriched from knowing you and Barb. So thankful that you and Barb stayed with us on your way to a meet in Florida.
I have learned many new things and been encouraged and helped by so many who came together through you and this site and have many new friends and have traveled to many meets and across the pond to 2 meets which I would have never done otherwise. May God's peace and comfort encircle you now.
Love you,
Posted by Barb. Shortreed (Member # 1730) on :
This is Steves son John

My father passed away about an hour ago. I just wanted to thank everyone for the support and friendship that you have given both my parents over the years.

This community has ment so much to my dad over the years and we can't be thankful enough for all the stories and love that has been sent throught this.
Posted by Kelly Thorson (Member # 2958) on :
My heart goes out to you all.
Posted by Henry Barker (Member # 174) on :
Just saw a post on FB about Steve passing away, very sad news, haven't been around as much lately mainly due to work etc. this site and all Steve and Barbs efforts, have brought many of us together in real life and through the net, and I am very grateful for that, thoughts are with you all just now.
Posted by FranCisco Vargas (Member # 145) on :
so sorry to hear that, he was a great guy! My deepest condolences...
Posted by Joy Kjer (Member # 3026) on :
All of Letterville is saddened by his exit. RIP Steve.
Posted by Kimberly Zanetti (Member # 2546) on :
Imagine the party tonight - Steve, Rick Glawson, Lola, my Dad, Renata, Bushie, Marty, Mike Stevens...the list is too long and too many to name each one. Our hearts are heavy.
Posted by Jackson Smart (Member # 187) on :
Yes....I agree.

Steve, you made a BIG impact on many of us in this assured we all will miss you.

Barb, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for bieng an equal part of this site and keeping this craft alive. You did well.

Love and Light from the "Left" coast....and from the two of us here.

Journey well Steve....
Be strong Barb....

Jackson and Dianne...
Posted by Judy Pate (Member # 237) on :
So sad to hear this news.
Posted by Ricardo Davila (Member # 3854) on :

So sorry to know this....It breaks my heart.

Please, receive and convey my condolences to your mother, Barb, and to the rest of your loved ones.

May your father rest in peace, now.


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Posted by Don Hulsey (Member # 128) on :
So sorry to hear this. Steve was a great guy, and a good friend. He will be sadly missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with the whole family.
Posted by Brian Scargill (Member # 2258) on :
Condolences to you and your family from a 'paint pusher' in the UK. R.I.P

Posted by Bob Rochon (Member # 30) on :

Thoughts and prayers to you and your family during this time, thank you for all you have done.
Posted by Rick Janzen (Member # 7227) on :
Barb and family, I'm so sorry for your lose. Although I never talked in person with Steve, I was aware of the impact he had on so many people. He will be missed.
Posted by Preston McCall (Member # 351) on :
He brought us all together in this fabulous forum. I will miss his sharp mind so much. My prayers are with you two!
Posted by Brian Oliver (Member # 2019) on :
So sorry to hear the news. We all feel your loss deeply.
Posted by old paint (Member # 549) on :
hes gona love it over there..........i did.
Posted by Donald Miner (Member # 6472) on :
One era ends, another begins, God Speed, my friend!
Posted by Kent Smith (Member # 251) on :
Remembering Steve and Barb as they were when we first met in KC in 1983. Keeping Barb and family in our thoughts.
Posted by Dale Manor (Member # 4858) on :
Our hearts and prayers go out to you all. Very sorry to hear of Steve's passing. One who did much for many of our creative family.....Fare ye well my friend!

Dale and Brenda
Posted by Neil D. Butler (Member # 661) on :
My oh my. A well deserved rest I'd say... He will be missed. My condolences to Barb, his family and to all of you, my letterhead family.
Posted by david butler (Member # 591) on :
Just got the sad news...feeling bad....feeling sad but smiling with the memories...and there's plenty to be smiling about with Steve.
Posted by Barb Schilling (Member # 13) on :
I regret not having learned of Steve's imminent passing before it occured. I would have liked for him to know how much I appreciate his vision for the Letterheads and Social Media and how much it has impacted positively so many lives. No one could ask for a greater legacy. RIP Steve and prayers of healing and strength for Barb. My heart is breaking.
Posted by Don Coplen (Member # 127) on :
Sad news. All the fond memories from hundreds or, more likely, thousands of folks that have been here or met Steve in person along the way would fill a very thick book.He touched a LOT of lives along the way, that's for sure. [Group Hug]
Posted by Dave Sherby (Member # 698) on :
When we see a beautiful sunset, I'll imagine that it is Steve with his brushes creating that scene. Paint on Steve.
Posted by Raymond Chapman (Member # 361) on :
Every time I met Steve and Barb it was a pleasure. Rest in peace, my friend.
Posted by Michael Clanton (Member # 2419) on :
Thoughts and prayers to the Shortreed family.
Posted by Dana Blair (Member # 951) on :
I never met Steve in person, but he sure gave us this great place to meet and share online and to meet some of these great people in person. The Shortreeds made a great contribution to the industry and I hope Barb takes great pride in that memory of what they created together for so many of us.
Posted by Barry Branscum (Member # 445) on :
I just wish there was a "Me too" button for all the great sentiments shared by so many here.

In my heyday here at letterville, I created a headache or two for our dear mayor with my tendency to spar with OP, or by sharing the occasional pot-stirring topic...all the while and through it all I had great respect for Steve...and Barb, for founding this site, for making a place of connection here, for making a great big world seem small. A great many friends and contacts I'd never have known, if not for Steve.

So thank you, , for all you did. You are appreciated and missed.
Posted by Steve Luck (Member # 5292) on :
I wonder if Steve ever imagined how many artists and sign makers that his website helped get acquainted. I for one, never got to meet Steve or Barb (yet) but have met many great people through Letterville and the Walldogs. All of this could not be possible without Steve and Barb. I am a better artist and sign maker because of his vision to connect us all through this website. I still learn because of others sharing their experiences. His Legacy will live on for years to come. Thank you from a guy who you haven't met but admired you and your contribution to our profession. My prayers to Barb and family during this time.

Sign-cerely, Steve Luck
Posted by David Harding (Member # 108) on :
I haven't logged on in a while and just found the news. I'm very sorry to hear this. Steve meant a lot to me. I wish the family the best.

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