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Posted by Neil D. Butler (Member # 661) on :
Coming here for a meet?

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Posted by David Harding (Member # 108) on :
I would love to see that country in person. I might get a little sidetracked by the scenery and be my usual useless self at the actual meet.
Posted by Mark Pinkse (Member # 1204) on :
In a heartbeat - always wanted a good excuse to go.

Posted by Sam Staffan (Member # 4552) on :
Yes very much so!!!!!!!
Posted by Sandy Baird (Member # 4773) on :
I'm sitting in my car pointed east.

When, where, how much.

Let me know soon, I'm running out of gas
sitting here waiting.

Posted by Neil D. Butler (Member # 661) on :
I"ve been toying with the idea for a while now, I just started a weeks vacation,.on the bike to nova scotia and newbrunswick, lets see what I can come up with for nect summer , I hate texting on this android....buttons way to small, see you soon!
Posted by Barb. Shortreed (Member # 1730) on :
Keep us informed Neil, we'd love to be able to make it.
Posted by Don Hulsey (Member # 128) on :
I'm in!!!!
Posted by Bob Kaschak (Member # 3146) on :
In a heartbeat.
Posted by Roy Frisby (Member # 736) on :
Would love to. Kind of reminds me of Iceland, except you have trees.
Posted by KARYN BUSH (Member # 1948) on :
ooooh...its been awhile....hmmmmm. interesting thought!
Posted by PatRaap (Member # 4290) on :
That would be awesome! But like Dave I think I would be easily side tracked!
Posted by Donald Miner (Member # 6472) on :
Aye, Laddie, it must be just a wee bit of heaven, here on earth. I'd love to go and visit, but I probably wouldn't live long enough to get my fill, if I lived to be 100. Peace, Don
Posted by Kelly Thorson (Member # 2958) on :
Better save a spot for me. [Smile]
Posted by Don Hulsey (Member # 128) on :
Maybe you should plan a Walldog event, but with only 1 wall. That way we could all do some sightseeing, and still maybe get the wall completed. But, maybe you should make it a full week event, just in case.
Posted by Deb Fowler (Member # 1039) on :
Or we could stay a month, right!

I would love to see my Morrill relative heritage in Newfoundland, where my great grandmother Ella came from.
Posted by Rusty Bradley (Member # 6938) on : it true that the moose is the state bird of Newfoundland.
Posted by Bruce Brickman (Member # 8180) on :
I might return if I got up their. It would be fun and beautiful I'm sure!
Posted by Doug Allan (Member # 2247) on :
lets do a walldog meet in that place that put up all the grounded travellers during the 9-11 airspace lockdown... they seem to have the right spirit of community, are well deserving of some free murals... and have at least one pretty substantial historic event to draw artistic inspiration besides the lifetime of other history that I am unaware of...

just thinkin' out loud...

(and then the nightly after-party can be at Neil's shop [Applause] )
Posted by Duncan Wilkie (Member # 132) on :
Newfoundland and Labrador is the only province I've yet to visit. I'd love to visit the place that the CBC reminds us constantly that is 9:00 in the rest of Canada and 9:30 in Newfoundland. It's a province rife with Character and Characters. What a perfect place for Letterheads to gather.
Posted by Dave Grundy (Member # 103) on :
Neil...To paraphrase the line from "Field of Dreams".....

If you plan it "they WILL come".

If it happens, we'll be there. Heck it's only a short 3 day drive! (including a "cruise!!!)

Last time I was in NFLD I was about 5 years old, don't remember anything about it. [Rolling On The Floor] [Rolling On The Floor]
Posted by Deb Fowler (Member # 1039) on :
That music and video make is sound so romantic in many ways, including folklore
Posted by Joe Cieslowski (Member # 2429) on :
Can I get there from here?



Makin Chip$ and Havin Fun!
Posted by Neil D. Butler (Member # 661) on :
Sure sounds like you're interested, l'm still travelling around on the bike, dodging the rain but a walldog event? Doug that sounds very interesting, something to keep in mind...hmmmm
Posted by Neil D. Butler (Member # 661) on :
Sure sounds like you're interested, l'm still travelling around on the bike, dodging the rain but a walldog event? Doug that sounds very interesting, something to keep in mind...hmmmm
Posted by bill riedel (Member # 607) on :
Neil, I just got back from Norway and the only difference I can see, is that the mountains are much higher in Northern Norway. It really doesn't look much different. The only problem is where are the walls?
Posted by David Harding (Member # 108) on :

Judging by recent news reports, we could paint historical murals on walls of ice on the huge 'berg heading Neil's way. I get dibs on the Titanic.
Posted by Neil D. Butler (Member # 661) on :
Yes Norway is a lot like Newfoundland,and we have a connection as well, the vikings landed in Newfounland over thousand years ago, on the Northern tip of the island...I"m going to give this some serious thought. I'm still cruising the Maritimes on the bike, having a great time!
Posted by Pete Payne (Member # 344) on :
the main difference between Norway and Newfoundland is people in Norway are easier to understand, less accent:) Newfies are the friendliest people you'll ever meet and you just can't help but be happy when you hear their music, they can really rock a fiddle, accordian and washboard, kinda like northern zydeco!
Posted by Tony Lucero (Member # 1470) on :
Looks like paradise. Always wondered if one could pack it up and become a fisherman and live a simple life in a small community. Any idea on the average household income in one of those quaint villages?
Posted by Sandy Baird (Member # 4773) on :
Hey Neil,
Any update on the Newfoundland meet.
I ran out of gas late 2011 and I'm getting hungry.
Should I head back indoors and wait for another
update before I get back in the car?
My bags are still packed.
Posted by Dave Sherby (Member # 698) on :
This will be the perfect motivation to finally apply for my passport.
Posted by Terry Whynott (Member # 1622) on :
I'm planning on heading to Nova Scotia again this summer. C'mon Neil, give me an extra good excuse to keep on going to Newfoundland!
Posted by Chuck Churchill (Member # 68) on :
You bet!
Posted by Neil D. Butler (Member # 661) on :
Man It would be awesome wouldn't it? You never know, last year we had one Hot dry summer, maybe it will be nice again this year...Here's another teaser.. turn up your speakers...
Posted by Guy H. J. Hilliard (Member # 2529) on :
A good cure for a dry summer is a half bottle of Screech (shared with a friend which is why you only get half) and a mess of cod tongue for breakfast.
Posted by DianeBalch (Member # 1301) on :
Newfoundland tourist bureau sure puts out the most beautiful vidoes.

Posted by Dave Grundy (Member # 103) on :
We won't be back in Canada until sometime in May. By July, I'll be getting itchy for a road trip.

A drive though eastern Canada might be more affordable, since we wouldn't have to buy "out of country" health coverage.

Come to think of it...we currently maintain an apartment in Ontario for 12 months of the year but are currently using it for only 4.5 months of the year.

Gotta rethink that situation... might just give up the apartment and move in with Steve and Barb!!! LOL

OR just stay here in Mexico?

mi Español es mucho mejor que mi Francés
(My Spanish is much better than my French)

Choices, choices, choices....What to do? [Confused] [Confused]

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