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Posted by Jen Goodwin (Member # 3757) on :
I've been a lurker here for awhile...but last night I joined in the paltalk and Steve & Barb were so nice I thought I should bring myself out of lurkerdom and just introduce myself. I have been making signs for 13 years or so and screen printing for 11. My husband and I own our own shop, Goodwin Glass & Graphics in Hampden, Maine but I also work full time at a screen printing shop setting up the artwork & doing signs and banners etc. (I guess you could say I have 2 full time jobs) Anyway, I see a lot of names here that I do know and hope to get to know others as well. Maybe someday even make it to a real live meet! Glad to be here and Thanks Steve and Barb for being so nice to me last night it sure was fun!
Posted by Bob Rochon (Member # 30) on :
Welcome Jen,

Glad to see you here in Letterville.
Posted by KARYN BUSH (Member # 1948) on :
hi jen! i've seen you in edge talk...but i won't be there anymore because the guy who bought my edge just picked it up!
nice to see you here!
Posted by Robert Salyers (Member # 5) on :
Hi Jen. I'm Bobby. I've been gone from here quite a while but WELCOME!
[Big Grin]
Posted by Dan Sawatzky (Member # 88) on :
Welcome to Letterville Jen!

-grampa dan
Posted by Sal Cabrera (Member # 1236) on :
welcome Jen to Letterville!
Posted by Dale Manor (Member # 4858) on :
Welcome to Letterville Jen, nice to have you here.

I too was a screenprinter for about 6 and a half years at one point in my infamous career.

Hopefully we'll get a chance to meet you at a live meet. I went to my first one here in Wisconsin a few years ago, now I can't go to enough of them...

more addictive than cigarettes....but a lot less harmfull to your health...I think?

take care....have fun!
Posted by John Jordan (Member # 2368) on :
G'day Jen,

Welcome to Letterville, I'm pleasesed to have a new neighbour....even though we are many miles out of town here in the South Pacific.

Posted by Duncan Wilkie (Member # 132) on :
Hi Jen,
There are quite a few of us screen printers active and non-active here. Welcome to Letterville. Now get yourself to a meet and really get fired up.
Posted by Michael Latham (Member # 4477) on :
Welcome to Letterville, officially! you know once you introduce yourself there is no return, you find yourself always wanting to check out what is happening in all corners of the world and how to make it happen! This is a great home.
ps, like my smile? I like this one, it's better than my other one.
Posted by Rick Chavez (Member # 2146) on :
I've seen you.....welcome to Letterville.
Posted by Steve Shortreed (Member # 436) on :
[Applause] [Applause]

Pleasure meeting you in PalTalk last night Jen. I'm sure it was my warm, soothing, sexy voice that really inticed you to come out of the closet. Now throw caution to the wind and jump in with both feet.
Posted by Jon Aston (Member # 1725) on :
Hi Jen!

Nice to see you in this part of the world.
Posted by Ian Stewart-Koster (Member # 3500) on :
Yes, welcome Jen- thanks for introducing yourself here! Hope you enjoy it!
Posted by Sheila Ferrell (Member # 3741) on :
Hi Jen!

Welcome to Letterville!
I like it so well . . . I think I'll stay . . . [Smile]
Posted by Jen Goodwin (Member # 3757) on :
Thanks Everybody!
Posted by Stevo Chartrand (Member # 2094) on :
Hi Jen!!!

Welcome to good 'ol Letterville.

Posted by Doug Allan (Member # 2247) on :
Hi Jen! [Smile]
Posted by Artisan Signs (Member # 3146) on :
Hi Jen, and welcome!
Posted by old paint (Member # 549) on :
OH NO ANOTHER MAINIAC!!!!!!!! i can say that since i lived there and was married to one....welcome, you & i have talked on signs 101.
Posted by Bob Peach (Member # 2620) on :
Welcome Jen
Posted by Nancie W. Phillips (Member # 3484) on :
Welcome to our town, Jen!
Posted by Rick Beisiegel (Member # 3723) on :
Welcome to town Jen! I'll keep my eye open for a place for you to move into, and become a resident someday! [Wink]

Posted by Sonny Franks (Member # 588) on :
Jump on in - we're not as scary as we look.
Posted by Judy Pate (Member # 237) on :
Welcome to Letterville, Jen! I'll be looking for you at the next Dixie Meet! Be watching the BB for a ride south to the next Letterhead Meet in Greenville,SC.
Posted by Bill Diaz (Member # 2549) on :
Hey Jen,

Jane & I are a Ma & Pa too ... Welcome!
Posted by Jane Diaz (Member # 595) on :
Welcome to another Sign Chick! One of the many things that I really like about this place is that there are WOMEN here. Don't get me wrong, I love men (ESPECIALLY my honey!), but it's nice to listen to the female spin on the business and have some sign gals to talk to also. Glad we have another voice to add! [Wink] [Applause]
Posted by Randy Campbell (Member # 2675) on :
Welcome Jen [Applause]
Posted by FranCisco Vargas (Member # 145) on :
Welcome to the great city of Letterville! Where all the people have something to do with signs, So what sign are you? I'm Gemini, I'm two sign people in one.
Posted by Bruce Bowers (Member # 892) on :
Welcome to Letterville!
Posted by Cheryl Lucas (Member # 1656) on :
Hi Jen,

Careful! This place can become adictive!

Hope to meet you in 'Dixie'...


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