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Steve & Barb Shortreed
144 Hill St., E.
Fergus, ON, Canada
N1M 1G9

Phone: 519-787-2892
Fax: 519-787-2673
Email: barb@letterville.com

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The Letterville BullBoard
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(Moderated by: Barb. Shortreed)

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    Topic Topic Starter Replies Last Post
Icon 1 OT-Hemingway...talented at times, but in the end delusional. Todd Gill 25
   by old paint
Icon 1 I GOTA KNOW...... old paint 10
   by old paint
Icon 1 New to this board... Jereme Gauthier 9
   by Barb. Shortreed
Icon 1 Rude and embarassing... Monte Jumper 14
   by Mike Clayton Graphics
Icon 1 Is there a member's list here? Jereme Gauthier 2
   by Jereme Gauthier
Icon 1 My work sucks! Joey Madden 15
   by Jereme Gauthier
Icon 15 vector art Karen Parmenter 16
   by old paint
Icon 10 Unbelievable results with the plasma cutter!!!! Dan Sawatzky 5
   by Dave Draper
Icon 5 The Great Circus Parade Ken Henry 1
   by Sunny Holtzlander
Icon 6 Corel tips, add-ons and message boards Alan Dearborn 3
   by Bob Stephens
Icon 1 Big chrome-like auto dealer signs? Felix Marcano 5
   by Dawn Ellis
Icon 1 Letterville Kids Jeff Ogden 0
   by Jeff Ogden
Icon 1 Retirement? Rick Chavez 11
   by Dave Grundy
Icon 8 VIRUS????? YES OR NO!!!!!! Corey Wine 5
   by Terry Baird
Icon 1 residents Randy Campbell 3
   by Kimberly Zanetti
Icon 1 OT-Starting your day... Jeff Spradling 4
   by Jeff Spradling
Icon 16 Mini -Goal for Dec 19th Kimberly Zanetti 4
   by Jillbeans
Icon 1 Supplier for Bag Signs Doug Ultch 5
Icon 1 Your local goalkeeper is alive, but... Donna in BC 14
   by Donna in BC
Icon 10 Progress shots of new studio Dan Sawatzky 18
   by The Moon
Icon 1 Happy BDay, Joe Diaz! Jane Diaz 6
   by Joey Madden
Icon 1 Vintage/Retro Masonry images or clipart Stephen Faulkner 3
   by Rick Chavez
Icon 10 OT Merry Christmas Onion Style :) Karen Sartain 1
   by Mike Languein
Icon 1 "BLEEDING HEARTS" ONLY old paint 37
   by Steve Burke
Icon 1 Before 1-Shot Alicia B. Jennings 26
   by Kent Smith
Icon 12 Need a lesson in 'HOW TO" Corey Wine 13
   by Corey Wine
Icon 9 My Dad is in Hospital Miles Cullinane 18
   by Randy Campbell
Icon 1 Warm erections Henry Barker 26
   by Robert Larkham
Icon 5 Summa DC3 Janet Bakewell 19
   by Jon Aston
Icon 1 what defines a spanish colonial sign? Felix Marcano 9
   by Rick Sacks
Icon 1 First Sign.... Hummm Dave Kleinman 19
   by Joe Rees
Icon 7 Success is... Jeff Spradling 1
   by Joey Madden
Icon 1 what's your take on having a "birthday corner" to keep track? Deb Fowler 6
   by Deb Fowler
Icon 16 warm wishes to Gail and Devo Deb Fowler 3
   by Judy Pate
Icon 1 Converting cmyk/rgb to pms colors or vinyl matches Robert Beverly 2
   by Tony McDonald
Icon 1 Do you use silicone when installing zip tracks? Suelynn Sedor 4
   by Devin Fahie
Icon 16 Anybody **Sandblast & Paint Granite**??? Cheryl Lucas 7
   by David Harding
Icon 1 Need a little "White Christmas"? Ray Rheaume 6
   by Ron Costa
Icon 1 Merry Christmas Charles Borges de Oliveir 4
   by Kimberly Zanetti
Icon 1 Glawson Fund Update Kent Smith 5
   by mike meyer
Icon 6 Anyone With Teenage Girls Will Get It (OT) Steve Barba 8
   by Dave Grundy
Icon 1 Source for screenprinted plates??? Barry Branscum 5
   by Bob Kistler
Icon 10 Hey Steve, when did you get a video & a black thong! Amy Brown 10
   by Ray Rheaume
Icon 10 FKAB panel in place at last! Dan Sawatzky 4
   by Doug Allan
Icon 1 Searching for a Type Font Devin Fahie 0
   by Devin Fahie
Icon 1 REMEMBER DEC.24th!!!!! Bob Burns 6
   by Bob Burns
Icon 1 deskjet printer died... now what? Felix Marcano 17
   by Si Allen
Icon 16 decorative screws/toggles Corey Wine 3
   by Corey Wine
Icon 14 Update on Bob Timmerman! Barb. Shortreed 1
   by Jillbeans
Icon 16 How can you disable right-click "save as" ? Ian Stewart-Koster 12
   by Curtis hammond
Icon 5 Letterville Wholesalers? Terry Baird 6
   by Terry Baird
Icon 1 Interesting files on a customers disk. Jake Lyman 22
   by Mike Kelly
Icon 1 special congrats to Bob Burns new grandchild Deb Fowler 0
   by Deb Fowler
Icon 16 Live from New York City - Deb Fowler! GOD BLESS AMERICA! Deb Fowler 18
   by Deb Fowler
Icon 1 Where's TIMI.........!!!! CJ Allan 5
   by CJ Allan
Icon 1 eps files Jean Shimp 7
   by Chuck Churchill
Icon 16 Skiing at the Winter Muster mike meyer 18
   by Source Signs
Icon 1 Digital printing on corrugated plastic Kevin Gaffney 6
   by Rodney gold
Icon 1 Tastless vanity plates... Terry Baird 18
   by DianeBalch
Icon 1 Gerber Edge Question Todd Gill 4
   by Todd Gill
Icon 10 We did it already! Dan Sawatzky 3
   by Dan Sawatzky
Icon 1 how to find nice script font linda yang 2
   by Steve Shortreed
Icon 1 Advice/opinions needed Mike Murray 17
   by Rick Chavez
Icon 15 Dual booting Xp & 98se query Ian Stewart-Koster 3
   by Curtis hammond
Icon 1 I Need Some Help From SignGold Users BrianTheBrush 9
   by Jake Lyman
Icon 1 Here is a Curve Ball on your Sign Design Copyright Dave Draper 19
   by Rick Chavez
Icon 5 Searching for 3D grafx clipart Levi 0
   by Levi
Icon 14 Butler at 50 Maris Schilling 1
   by Bob Ficucell
Icon 1 We had a Gathering.... Jane Diaz 7
   by John Byrd
Icon 1 Arlon Profleet Mike O'Neill 0
   by TransLab
Icon 5 photographers please help! Felix Marcano 2
   by Mike Pipes
Icon 5 Need source for vintage/Decorative post Barb Schilling 3
   by Rick Chavez
Icon 1 Dilbert on Graphic Design - Mikes Mischeif 3
   by Rick Beisiegel
Icon 14 The Strange Look of Letters? Bruce & Deb Newton 3
   by Delzell
Icon 16 David Butler's 50th birthday! Nancy B. Bennett 16
   by bill riedel

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