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Steve & Barb Shortreed
144 Hill St., E.
Fergus, ON, Canada
N1M 1G9

Phone: 519-787-2892
Fax: 519-787-2673
Email: barb@letterville.com

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Icon 1 testing Barb. Shortreed 0
   by Barb. Shortreed
Icon 1 when uploading images to the web to include in a posting, is special software needed? Miles Cullinane 17
   by Miles Cullinane
Icon 1 NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS???? old paint 38
   by Raymond Chapman
Icon 1 Look how far we've come! Pages: 1 2 Raymond Chapman 47
   by Sheila Ferrell
Icon 5 Pelucid - - matte/semi-gloss addative do you use it ?? John Smith 10
   by Mike O'Neill
Icon 5 Signlab and importing AI files. david drane 12
   by TransLab
Icon 7 Tell Us About Your "First Time" Ken Henry 15
   by Joe Cieslowski
Icon 14 You won't believe your eyes - the work of Wm. Cochran Jay Allen 27
   by Don Coplen
Icon 6 Going out or Staying in? - What are your New Year's Plans? Pages: 1 2 Kimberly Zanetti 41
   by rene st-pierre
Icon 1 Our dam government at work Jane Diaz 4
   by CJ Allan
Icon 10 OT: Wednesday Funny - OP's gonna like this one Mike Pipes 22
   by Mark Smith
Icon 14 Cartoon Troy Haas 2
   by Kimberly Zanetti
Icon 1 Fasten a Cabinet Sign? Sal Cabrera 6
   by Marc Estep
Icon 1 Holiday horror show! Ray Rheaume 7
   by old paint
Icon 7 Minigoal for Wed Dec 31 Donna in BC 0
   by Donna in BC
Icon 5 Cuddly, Warm, Soft, Feel Good Etc. Ken Henry 6
   by Donna in BC
Icon 10 It's finally SNOWING! Donna in BC 7
   by Donna in BC
Icon 5 Are there EXTERIOR grade LED lights? Philip Steffen 12
   by Rick Chavez
Icon 1 Anyone using a RIP for lg format printing? Laura Butler 9
   by Checkers
Icon 10 Way too much over time this year! Dan Sawatzky 2
   by Santo
Icon 6 VENDOR TOOK MY MONEY / NO PRODUCT Rick Beisiegel 20
   by Monte Jumper
Icon 1 Snow in Vegas??? Jim Bagaas 6
   by Monte Jumper
Icon 16 Merry Christmas to Letterville!! Rosemary 20
   by Deb Fowler
Icon 1 Cisco's Exhibit coming up Jackie B 3
   by Jackie B
Icon 1 Application Fluid Stephen Sill 12
   by roger bailey
Icon 1 Woodgrained-out Robert Thomas 1
   by Jillbeans
Icon 7 OT need a new hobby? fun with scammers OT coop 0
   by coop
Icon 1 Vinyl Express =Flexisign pro Gonzalo (Peewee)Curiel 0
   by Gonzalo (Peewee)Curiel
Icon 1 Seasonal survival Terry Baird 9
   by Mike Pipes
Icon 6 Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Who Has The Neatest Sign Shop Of Them ALL? Dave Draper 23
   by Dave Draper
Icon 1 Vandelism Judy Hilliker 9
   by Stephen Deveau
Icon 5 Small Claims Court, Collection Agency or Break His Knees??? What should I do? Robert Larkham 37
   by BrianTheBrush
Icon 6 Mini Goal for Dec 30th Kimberly Zanetti 0
   by Kimberly Zanetti
Icon 6 Cartoon Eye Candy Mark Yearwood 3
   by John Arnott
Icon 1 Gerber Edge/banner price suggestion?? Todd Gill 1
   by John Arnott
Icon 1 Tuesday Funny (OT) DianeBalch 3
Icon 14 Another anti-static tip Jeff Spradling 2
   by Jim Bagaas
Icon 10 Pick Me Up for Someone who Fell Down... Troy Haas 8
   by Jackie B
Icon 14 Bill Riedel's Letterhead Portraits. Steve Shortreed 18
   by Masterhand Signs
Icon 1 PMS color match...please Gary Winebarger 2
   by Kelly Thorson
Icon 5 OT- Anyone Play Poker-OT Troy Haas 1
   by Dana Bowers
Icon 1 Watcha Up to Chuck Peterson? Janette Balogh 7
   by Don Hulsey
Icon 9 Ugly day for my desk top Jim Bagaas 0
   by Jim Bagaas
Icon 1 Mom comes home... Adrienne Pereira 5
   by AdrienneMorgan
Icon 1 Truck Ice Skating Alicia B. Jennings 11
   by Frank Magoo
Icon 9 ( OT) The Food We Eat Ken Henry 30
   by James Donahue
Icon 1 Hello, I am... Travis Lytle 20
   by Sunny Holtzlander
Icon 1 Get your tinsel! Jeff Spradling 8
   by Amy Brown
Icon 6 Warhol First Edition on Auction Page Kimberly Zanetti 2
   by Kimberly Zanetti
Icon 16 OK anybody out there use Flexisign? Gonzalo (Peewee)Curiel 1
   by jack wills
Icon 5 alum substrate 11' long? Kurt Gaber 2
   by Kurt Gaber
Icon 16 New image / Card design..comments? Mark Yearwood 21
   by W. R. Pickett
Icon 16 Noticed a birthday cake, ... no hiding Rick! Janette Balogh 18
   by Kathy Joiner
Icon 1 OT... Latigo and the auditions. Pierre St.Marie 8
   by Santo
Icon 1 rope lights Mike McCloud 1
   by pierre
Icon 1 UPDATE on my friend Bob Timmerman (Sunshine Signs) Tony Vickio 8
   by Ray Rheaume
Icon 1 Barb - The letterhead search engine seems faulty Kelly Thorson 5
   by Doug Allan
Icon 12 Christmas present for ya! Don Coplen 14
   by dave parr
Icon 12 "Benny the Dead Guy" Jillbeans 9
   by Ed Williams
Icon 1 Classic neon patterns Terry Baird 4
   by Terry Baird
Icon 5 Corel Draw question James Donahue 6
   by Lotti Prokott
Icon 1 OT-Saddam captured. Can someone help me now? Laura Butler 12
   by Laura Butler
Icon 1 a bit OT but interesting Dave Parr 1
   by Laura Butler
Icon 6 The "Good" Eye Terry Baird 2
   by E. Balch
Icon 16 signcraft magazines Frank Lee 1
   by Mike Languein
Icon 1 "The Eye"... Terry Baird 16
   by Stephen Faulkner
Icon 1 Best portable compressor? Robert Thomas 1
   by old paint
Icon 1 Dear Santa Joey Madden 8
   by Roy Frisby
Icon 1 Big Takedown Chuck Churchill 5
   by Chuck Churchill
Icon 5 Stickin with the bid? Jeff Spradling 9
   by Robert Thomas
Icon 7 Christmas Toys! Donna in BC 30
   by Kimberly Zanetti
Icon 7 Minigoal for Saturday, Dec 27 Donna in BC 4
   by Donna in BC
Icon 16 Christmas came early! Kissymatina 24
   by Kissymatina
Icon 1 My Mom.... Adrienne Pereira 19
   by FranCisco Vargas
Icon 6 Introducing.......Our New Logo! L@@K ALSO OLD LOGO TOO! Rick Beisiegel 38
   by Ian Stewart-Koster

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