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Simple Two Color Convex
Joe Endicott


When making a simple two-color convex, the steps stay the same regardless of the letter style.

I have built them using Corel and Gerber programs, and if it is something you will be making several repeats of, that is the way to go.

But if you only need one or two sets:

Cut (for example) the word once out of light blue, and once out of medium blue. Sometimes I will use a slight inline when cutting the color that will be the top layer (in this example: light blue). That makes for easier registration when you apply. But Times Bold is so thin already that it would be a bit of a pain in this case.

Draw a center line in the light blue letters. Do some figuring on the light source. Even if you have to set something on the table to represent the light source. Generally the source comes from an upper angle.

Everything on the light source side of your centerline should stay, it will be the illuminated side. Everything on the opposite side of your centerline should get cut away, it will be the shaded side.

You can use an existing convex font as a guide to help in lighting decisions. (Of course the one I have here shows the light source as the upper left) I also did a quick Times Roman "R" to help show a more complex serif version, and to try to show the steps...

Then all you do is apply the light blue right on top of the medium blue and you're done.


JJoe Endicott is a Signmaker and Letterhead from Gulf Breeze, FL. You are invited to
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