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Creating The 3D Effect In Corel7
by Bob Burns

I'm using Corel7 for this project. If I leave something out, it's because I'm an old brain-dead pinstriper type that was dragged kicking and screaming into the computer age. The images below are all in thumbnail format. Click on them if you want a bigger image.

In a nutshell, the 3D effect is accomplished by using the "Extrude" command in Corel. This command has an endless variety of features and manipulations to it. The best way to learn it is to just play around with it. You'll find you are making your own discoveries in no time.

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1. Place grouped text on your screen.

2.From your top menu, select Effects, then Extrude.

3. From the drop down list, click on Extrude.

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4. Now click on the I-Beam icon. This gives you choices of how the extrude dimensions will be placed.

5. Experiment with different effects. When you find what you want click on Apply.

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6. Now click on the circular arrow icon. A group of red squares in a circle will appear. Drag your cursor over them and you'll see how you can manipulate the changes in direction of the extrude effect. Click on Apply when you are happy with your results.
3d4.gif (23557 bytes)
7. Now we'll select our light source. Click on the light bulb icon and you'll see 3 bulbs. Place these anywhere in your diagram to direct "sunlight" on to your text object. When satisfied, click on Apply.
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8. To color your diagram, click on the colorwheel icon and 3 choices will appear. You can make the extrude the same color as your text, give it a new color or even a 2 color blend.
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9. You'll notice there is a bevel option available. A click on this will open up a number of options that will allow you to apply a bevel effect to your drawing.


10. At this point you are ready to print, plot or print/cut.

Depending on your set-up, you should be ready to take it from here. There are so many possible combinations of printers, plotters and software available these days. Experiment to see what works with your set-up.

Bob Burns own's a sign shop called Bob Burns Signs in Prescott, Arizona. e-mail him at

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