A Letterville Step By Step
Eye Candy Chrome/Gold useing Photoshop
Kelsey Dum

Eyecandy pretty much does the work for you.

- Pick a Font ( I usually choose a light gray for my text…color will effect your affect).

- rasterize font. (left click on text layer and choose rasterize layer)

• go to Filters > Eye Candy > Chrome
• from here you can manipulate:
Bevel Width
Bevel Height Scale
Ripple Thickness
Ripple Width
Bevel Placement (inside/outside)
• you can also adjust the lighting and the curves on the bevel profile.

- If you don’t want any of the bevel but you want the chrome, I usually create a path or a selection around the non-beveled area, select inverse and delete the bevel.

- You can then go through your image > adjustments to change the hue of your chrome to a gold, silver, or more chrome.
- Use image > adjustments > color balance
- Or image > adjustments > hue/saturation

The customization comes when you start manipulating the hue/contrast/highlights/shadows.

This took me about 15 minutes to do all of these...Pretty easy.


I create three different sizes of spray on top of each other then with a really small spray I create a criss cross. You can add layer gradient masks on the criss cross to fade it out.


Kelsey Dum
Dum Designs
Arlington, TX 76006

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