Canopy Oaks/Magic Sculpt I
By Bob Sauls
Flawless Masking
By Bart McCune
Method Using Mask To Apply Gold Leaf To A Boat
By Sonny Franks
Sealing MDO
Block & Stucco/Gemini Letters
How To Remove Reflective Vinyl & Adhesive
Installing Vinyl On Banner
Bonding 2 Pieces Of HDU For 2 Sided Sign
By Chris Lovelady
Sandblasted Wood Sign Restoration
Blasting Pre-Painted HDU Panels

By Wayne Webb
Hamilton Bank Note...Reverse Glass Sign
Rick Glawson Commemorative..Glass Piece
by Larry White
Glass Piece
By Dave Smith
Simple Mold
Applying Patent Leaf
By Joe Cieslowski
Matching Radius With Software
Fatten Up A Thick & Thin Font

by David Harding
Inner Letter Accent Using Coreldraw
Chrome & 3-D Effects

By Todd Gill
Panel Swaps
Osmalto Effect in Coraldraw
Mastering the Gorilla Glue

By Sal Cabrera
Wood Graining Without Sandblasting
Pierre St Marie
Making A Antique Sign
By Mark Fair
Posting & Resizing Photo's for the BB
Different Materials & Paints For The End Result
By Ray Rheaume
Getting A Dent Out Of HDU
Building A Easle
By Bob Kaschak
Reworking A Google Image For A Large Print
By Doug Allan
How To Build A Rope/Wire/Chain With Corel
By Mike O'Neill
Logo Practice Time
By Doug Phillips
Illustration Tutorial
Applying Vinyl Dry
On-Screen Tutorial Vectoring Using Illustrator
by Russ McMullin
Windshield Lettering Arc
by Bill DeBekker
Eye Candy Chrome/Gold Using Photoshop
By Kelsey Dum
Ornament swap
Project Panel Swap #4
Step-By-Step...Creating Bevel Lettering

Dave "Applicator" Grundy demonstrates how to create the bevel effect using your computer. Well done Dave!

Round-Up Panel
Creating Drop Shadow with Corel
by Dave Grundy
Creating Beveled Edges
by Stevo Chartrand
Simple Two-Color Convex
by Joe Endicott
Hand Routed Step-By-Step
by Dennis Goddard

Step-By-Step.....from panel swap
Bill Biggs
Mark Matyjakowski
Bob Darnell
Doug Allan 

How To Paint Tribal Flames

Ken Scott, owner of Ken's Custom Tees, Cumberland, Kentucky demonstrates how to layout and spray Tribal Flames. Good stuff! Special Thanks to AutoArt Magazine for sharing this step by step with all of us in Letterville.

This Is Not Your Mother's Bravado

This step by step comes to us direct from the pages of AutoArt Magazine. Watch as Jack "The Italian" Giachino transforms a boring Bravado into a rolling work of art!

Step-By-Step...Mark Matyjakowski On Cutting Materials!

In this animated step by step, Mark shows how to cut materials such as banners, magnetic, paper, etc.

Step-By-Step...Mark Matyjakowski Appying Vinyl Over Rivets!

Very entertaining...and useful, too!

Step-By-Step...Vector Drawing 101! The  basics of creating clean, cut able vector "clip art" from a photograph.

Step-By-Step...Logo Creation! How Don created his logo with sunset effects.

Step-By-Step...Color Matching!   Matching Printer Output to a Color Sample.

Step-By-Step...Convex Lettering!  One Way to Create Vector Convex Lettering.

Step-By-Step...Tutorial For Sketching With A Table!  Using A Digital Tablet For Sketching

Do It Yourself Clipart by Don Coplen

The above 6 step by steps were done by Don Coplen,  a graphic designer . He first got into the professional graphics field in 1983 as a custom sign artist. For more information e-mail

Step-By-Step...Jon Androsky's EyeCandy Tricks!

In this informative step by step, Jon Androsky demonstrate how to use EyeCandy to add dimension to your sign presentations. Don't miss this one!

Step-By-Step...Make Your Own Sandblast Booth

Bob Hines of Churchville, Nova Scotia shows us how you can make your own homemade sandblasting booth.

Step-By-Step...Chalk Boards

Rob Clark of Oakwood, Qld., Australia shows you how to make Chalk Boards

Step-By-Step...Carving HDU Foam

Robert Beverly of Arlington, TX shows us how to carve HDU.

A Letterville Step By Step....Gold Leaf Glass Work 
by Richard Bustamante
Step-By-Step...Creating 3D effects

Glenn Taylor of Wilson, NC demonstrates how to Create 3D effects using Corel 10 and EyeCandy 4000: and how to put them together for effective and unique signage. Painted Graphics on Sunbrella (canvas) Awnings

Glenn Taylor, shows us step by step how he does a painted Sunbrella (canvas) Awning.

Step-By-Step...Creating Sign Sketches In Corel

Bob Darnell of London, Ontario shows us how to use CorelDraw to produce sketches more efficiently.

Step-By-Step...Striping Big Rigs 

Join George Perkins as he demonstrates the ins and outs of big rig pinstriping. Very well done! 

Step-By-Step...Creating The 3D Effect

Bob Burns demonstrates how to add depth to your lettering using the Extrude command in Corel7. Fun stuff!

fin_small.jpg (2561 bytes)Step-By-Step...Cut-Out MDO Signs

Pat & Jan Orick, owners of Moorehead Orick Design in Columbus, Ohio, show us how they recently fabricated a large MDO cut-out sign.

mod_c9.jpg (6859 bytes)Step-By-Step...The "Norwegian Airbrush"

Here's a great alternative to digital printing on vinyl! Pat Moorehead of Moorehead Orick Design in Columbus, Ohio demonstrates Butch "Superfrog" Anton's "Norwegian Airbrush" trick. Enjoy!

smlcrack.jpg - 10.6 KStep By Step: Crackle Finishes

Interested in crackle finishes? Well, thanks to David Kynaston and the generous folks at SignCraft Magazine, we are pleased to bring you a fascinating step by step on how to master this exciting technique. Watch for future step by steps and other features direct from the pages of SignCraft. Click on any of their banners and get your own subscription today!

finalsml.gif - 11.5 KKalvin's Marble Effect

Karl Holz, our own "Kalvin" on Letterhead Chat, demonstrates his wonderful faux marble effect step-by-step!

Maple Bay Glass

By Sandra Cuthbert

Playing In The Sand

A terrific primer on creating sandblasted signs by Jerry Stephens.

abmlogo.jpg (6587 bytes)Combining Goldleaf & Airbush

Bill Jonas combines surface gold leaf and air brush techniques to produce a terrific looking sign. Wow!

An Airbrushed Logo

Join Airbrush Magazine's own Bill Jonas as he shows us step by step how to mask and airbrush a truck door.

Airbrushing A Truck Doormrj-a.jpg (20588 bytes)

Julian "Mr.J" Braet shows you step by step how to do a simple truck door "Jersey Style." Great stuff!

Julian "Mr.J" Braet is an internationally known sign, pinstripping and airbrush artist from Lynhurst, NJ. In addition to his live seminars, he writes for various publications, and markets the "Xcaliber" line of pinstriping brushes. If you need a great source for airbrush goodies, Mr. J is your man. E-Mail Mr. J or phone him at 201-935-4510. Tell him we send you!

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