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Sign Of The Month...April 2005 Winners
Jon Butterworth

Although I have a casting vote I've decided not to use it. I like both these signs in their own right. So I'm awarding them both SOTM Certifcates.

#4 Robert Kaschak of the Artisian Sign Company


Rob's description: It is HDU. Letters are carved, guilded and mounted on stainless steel pegs. Background is coarse white smalts. The net is real fishing net, epoxy and guilded. Secondary copy is Sign Gold. All paint is latex.


#7 Barry Branscum , Clinton AR.


Barry didn't send a description as this was one of several he submitted. All nice, but not as good as this one.

THIRD: and not that far behind either ...#5 The "Evergreen Grandpa" Dan Sawatsky of course. Recognize his work anywhere.

Others in the top ten were (in no order of merit) were
#1 Pierre Tardif
#2 David Harding
#3 Steve Racz
#6 Brian Stoddard
#8 Shane Bennett
#9 Jay Allen
#10 Vicki Van de Meer

And thank you all the others who sent entries. Try Again please.


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