Tickle In The Trossaschs

May 11, 12 & 13 2006
Callander Scotland

I don't know where to start really, I guess the first thing is to thank Stewart, Avril, and everybody in Stirlingshire that made us all so welcome and made it such a great meet.

I decided to take Åsa with me and spend a few extra days showing her places we visited as kids when we visited relatives up in that area, the views and scenery are beautiful and we arrived with sunshine which made it all the more enjoyable, I met Stewart on the Monday who was putting together the final touches and you could see that it had been a mammoth task, and at times an uphill struggle with the local council.

People started arriving Tuesday onwards and it was great to start bumping into old friends and meeting people off here for the first time. Funny that the written word often fails to show a fraction of the person behind those words....no surprise that there is friction and misunderstanding at times.

The meet got underway and as always there, is so much going on and so many people you want to talk to, and ask questions, and it all seems to go so fast. John Jordan, Dave Smith, and John Studdan were doing some glass gilding so we started there, was blown away by pictures of their work, such a great privilege to be around them and get so much help.

Noel Weber and Cam Bortz where gilding Screw-Its letters, Mike Meyer was busy blending, Dave Kynaston was showing scripts and graining techniques, Alan Brindle was showing his skills with transparent paint over aluminum leaf, for fairground art, Tramp Warner and others, Art Shilling, Mark and others were pinstriping, Paul was doing his Heraldry, Doug was carving, there was sandblasting going on, loads of new faces to me from both sides of the pond, tattooing, plus loads more, Stewarts mum keeping us all fed, with her gang, great location great centre, nice little town, unusual hotel .

I for one didn't want to leave, we got back here late last night, and straight into a load of work today.

Made some new great friends and rekindled some old friendships, it was great to see Marcus and Manfred again, meet Jill, Jeff Lang, Tim,Ash, Leeson, and the river/barge painting, and more.

Meeting Duncan from Montana was great too, as was Jack Keith and his wife, Judy, and Jonathan Gough, and more that I can't put names too just now , James Kelly,Wayne Osborne.

Really good to meet up with Scott, and Damian again after Greece, I never got a picture of your trossachs panel Damian , I meant to ask if I could take it outside, but never got around to it.

I'm sure I've forgotten other names....but not faces .

I have some pics here, alot of shots from inside the hall are yellow and some are blurred, as the lighting was abit like that, haven't edited so much so there are pics of surrounding area, and us on a great but killer walk on the last day, which I ended up doing twice, as Åsa lost an earring she got from Sonny, which we found pretty close to the top, talking of Sonny it was great to see him and Peggy again, and he left his mark on the local bookshop, which they talked about in a very warm way both on the Sunday and Monday after the meet.

Thanks to everybody, and thanks Dave for a great t shirt design, we had a time I wont forget for along time, it was so nice for us to get away as a couple too no kids just time for each other something that gets overlooked at times with 4 kids and a company to run.

Hope we all meet up again soon!

Henry Barker

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