Spring Fling... March 22, 23 & 24, Kingsland, GA




Well....for my first meet it was an awesome experience! I did not know what to expect so I packed what seemed like my whole shop in my wife's van.(she said that she would not travel in my work van...hahaha)

It was a short drive from Tallahassee. When we arrived we were warmly invited in to the shop by John and from that point on I felt like that I was at home!

John had opened his shop up to everyone  and there was nothing that was out of bounds as far as his tools or the ample supplies.

 I was at first very shy and did not know any one there...but before long I was able to make many new friends. I came to work and watch...but before long John encouraged me to share the project I brought and I found my self demonstrating surface guilding on a carved sign. Once he handed me a microphone I was hooked ( "can you hear me now..." ).  Also did some glass guilding (Boston Guild)...I'm just a rookie at that but was amazed at the old timers there that were so open to sharing there knowledge and experience.

John had an awesome blasting booth so every one had a chance to do a blasted sign on HDU. There was carving going on all around us. Joe Cielowski was giving demo's all weekend long. He shared more than I could ever absorb...so I had to by the videos. There was pinstriping on motorcycle fenders...a golf cart...panel jams...an a awesome array of projects. There was such a free open sharing of ideas and techniques that could only compare to my experience in art school. I could not begin to be able to put into word all that went on but I do know that it was hard to go to sleep and I could not seem to take it all in.

 I'm Hooked.... 

Chris Lovelady
Vital Signs
Tallahassee, Florida



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