Safari At The Zoo 2 in Cinn OH
June 16, 17 & 18 2006

The "Safari at the Zoo" is now another fantastic Letterhead memory, thanks to all the gang at Signs of the Times. As Kent Smith eloquently toasted their 100th birthday, we sipped from gift champagne flutes printed with a commemorative seal. Todd and Wade Swormstedt's Dad got 2 standing ovations at dinner, held in a large open-air pavilion at the Zoo. The previous night we toured the American Sign Museum and were entertained by a bluegrass band. It was my first chance to see the museum and Ray Chapman and I got a little teary-eyed back by the Rick Glawson display.

All weekend, Susie and David Butler were whirlwinds, producing hundreds of screened bevel glass pieces for all the registrants. The seminars were awesome and well-attended with the best in the biz showing us their stuff.

It was great to finally meet some of our BB pals like Cat and Bobbie in person, and also to see that international gun smuggler Ricky Jackson again. I bunked in with Billy Pickett, who gave me a huge book of Alf Becker typefaces - you have no idea how delighted this font freak is.

The nights ended on the roof of the gothic Vernon Hotel, where the soft neon glow of the hotel's sign lit up the patio and provided a panoramic view of downtown. Dave Beatty's massive boom box blasted blues well into the wee hours, and Nancy and Noella did a mini-concert for an enthused crowd the next night. Behind them were Voula and Kir, who came over from Greece - unfortunately, the tables on the patio were too flimsy to dance on.

Two people who weren't able to attend, Jillbeans and Jeff Ogden, sent some incredible banners - Jill's had a warning on the bottom - "Please Do Not Feed or Embellish the Animals". What a hoot. I noticed quite a few Lodi t-shirts among the crowd and even though there have been lots of meets in a short time, some of us obviously can't get enough.
(Insert shameless plug here) With that in mind, mark your calendars for October and the Dixie Meet - SIGN CIRCUS.

Thanks again to all the hosts, sponsors, exhibitors and attendees. It's a very unique family we have here and I'm truly honored to be able to hang out with Sonny Franks

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