12th Annual Letterheads...Ashburton NZ   October 23th, 24th & 25th  2009


Story & Write Up By Brian Fairchild


 The twelfth staging of Letterheads in New Zealand provided some real highlights in terms of the quality of work and projects that those in attendance created.

Leading the way was the host’s own efforts to make the event a memorable one by providing a ‘circus’ atmosphere from the outset – you couldn’t possibly miss the entrance to the ‘main tent’ of this particular three-ring-circus!

Making this event special was the fact that thirteen people made the trip across the Tasman from various parts of Australia, no doubt helping to cement the relationship with fellow ‘heads from the Lucky Country. Jon ‘Bushie^’ Butterworth even commented that it ranked among the top ten that he’s ever been part of – praise indeed!

With the traditional Letterheads skills being practiced, it was good to see some variations creeping in to proceedings with acid etching on both steel and glass, script and scroll layout demonstrations, even the odd bit of calligraphy being practised.

At the end of the day it’s probably best to let the photos do the talking – enjoy!!

Regards, Brian


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More Photo's Courtesy of Jon Butterworth

Anne ["Enn"] Tigerlady Mcdonald and her mum  My favourite airbrush panel was this 6x4 on canvis PInstripe race track Jiff and his beautiful wife Annie
Brendon, one of Jiff's employees airbrushed this. Brendon has been in a wheelchair for 30 years! He is a full on signwriter and super nice guy. Check out him in the PInstripe race track  airbrush panels Scrolling/pinstripe workshop. This the masters brush box. Unfinished panel drying in the sun ... great weather!
Of course I did a "Bushie^" demo on Marbling panels and added the traditional Silver Fern logo of NZ Jiff was the "Apprentice" to the "Goldfather" John Jordan. This airbrush panel was not done at the meet by Elvis but hangs in pride of place in Jiff's reception area. Omarou Stone carving workshop. Wanted to participate but too heavy to ship home.


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