The Chat Pals In Bloomington

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Front Row..l-r...John Weber, Dave "Raptorman" Draper, Pat "Rosie" McKillop, Dewayne "Microman" Connot, Samantha & Andrew Connot
Seated On Bench...l-r...Mayo "Empy" Pardo, Barb "Weeder" Shortreed, Sara "Sarabit" Connot, Val "MrsMicro" Connot, Kathy & "SnappyTom" Durham, Sara "LazyEdna" Straw
Back Row...l-r..Denice "Rollarcoaster" Carson, Mike "Spyke" Lavallee, Nancie Phillips, Doug "Woodsman" Bauer, Janette "Nettie" Balogh, Steve "SignMan" Shortreed, Carol "LetterC" Chapal, Dave " Applicator" Grundy, Darryl "Lakeside" Gomes, Troy "Airbrush" Haas, Samantha "Samazon" Bork

We missed Pat "PKingDuck" King, Mike "Golden" Jackson, Patricia "Trishita" O'Neill

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