Lincoln Wall Dogs
Lincoln, Illinois...July 21, 22, 23 & 24  2004

Central Illinois has another town that can boast it's beauty thru Historic Wall Signage thanks to Letterheads.
This meet took a different route as it was set-up via internet and Emails out-of-state, Minnesota. I met with the Lincoln people in 2 very brief Meetings in Lincoln, a 7 hour one-way drive for me. What was unusual about this was the person who picked this up and made it really work, and work well, was a Man named Adam May and his wife Sara. he made his office/studio the registration area, and main HQ. He arranged for Dorm Rooms at the local College for us all, and meals for each day! It was very nice!
The weather was another factor. When we arrived it was a sweltering 89 degrees and felt like 120. If you wear glasses like I do, when you stepped outside from the air conditioning, you're glasses fogged up immediately!

Then 2 days later it was thunder and lightning, and then it was chilly and everyone was coming down with colds, but we never stopped painting!
The newspaper coverage was great! Everyday was a new feature on one of the project leaders! thanks to Ann and Amee of the Lincoln Courier! Lots of people stepped up and did a GREAT JOB! I am humbled by the hard work and dedication they showed fellow Letterheads and the Local town folk! the Auction went well Saturday night and we were fed very well by Adam's dad who is still trying to recite that greek saying.........!
Wall Doggin is Alive and well! thanks to Bill and Jane Diaz who got it all rolling!

Let's paint! Remember don't lean on a wall, PAINT IT!!!!

Mike Meyer

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Project #1

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Project #2

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Project #3

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Project #4

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Project #5

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Project #6

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Project #7

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Project #8

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Project #9

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Project #11

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The older gentleman (80 something) and his truck had originally painted several of the murals we restored. He got up on the scaffolding and helped redo one of them.

      DSC000115.jpg (72181 bytes)

A picture of a truck parked by the depot where we ate.  We all sort of giggled at the attempt someone had made to “decorate” it and Bill pretended to pinstripe it for everyone.

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DSC000088.jpg (70223 bytes)

Don’t mess with Dora Hulsey! She was talking to Michael Clark who is hosting the next walldog in Aledo next year. I don’t know what exactly they were discussing, but I love the look on everyone’s face!

       DSC000321.jpg (60776 bytes) 

more photo's from Dave

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