Jill's Jamboree 2005

Lisbon, PA ... Aug 19, 20, & 21


Here are a few terms that I will use to explain this newbie's experience:
inspiration, intimidation, overwhelmed, impressed, depressed, awe, dizzying, fun, entertaining, sharing, thoughtful, talent, friends. The list is really endless.

First of all, let me say that, if you haven't attended one, a Letterhead Meet is a different kind of experience. It is a necessary function, for anyone who is in our profession, to attend.
Whether you are a paint-slinger or a vinyl-sticker, you need to get at least one of these under your belt. Just being in proximity to the quality of work that was produced in this weekend was inspirational.

The most obvious to me, was the staggering amount of quality work that was being created off-the-cuff. I haven't worked like that in MANY years, even though I'm 50 and I have 29 years in the business. It has inspired me to at least WANT to do some hand-lettering again. (I promise I'll pick up a brush at Karyn's). Nobody made me feel intimidated, I did that to myself. On the contrary, there was never a better group of artists willing to share their skills than this group of Letterheads; Keepers of the Craft - more like "Sharers of the Craft".
Artist groups, as a rule, are a potential for a bunch of swelled egos careening into one another. Well, evidently, everyone brought their Talents but left their Egos at home. That's the way it should be.

Day One: Sensory overload was the theme of my first day there. I had come off a bad week and was trying to chill, at the same time I was being bombarded by a flurry of visual candy. So, Friday I literally spaced about and was in shut-down mode.
My second day theme was "Oh, shat, now what do I do? I started to do a carving, feeling a comfort zone there. I layed my pencil onto the Everwood Panel and then it hit me. "What the hell is a pencil?" It has been so long since I winged it with a pencil layout, that I literally froze. Needless to say, I finally got started, but...

I then realized that a part of the meet was to produce a panel FOR the meet. This carving was for my son, Adam, who was attending the meet with me. Now I gotta come up with another theme for a "panel".
By chance, Adam found an old bone that he thought was cool, and he was going to hand it to the dog. THAT became my panel! I "scrimshawed" it and there was my panel. Now back to the carving. In between the wandering about and watching others, I continued to carve.
Sunday, uh oh, we gotta leave today! Tried to carve faster, yeah, right. Needless to say, between saying goodbye to everyone, and trying to carve more, I didn't get it finished.

So... now I have a panel to work on at Karyn's along with a few panel ideas/patterns I will bring with me (is that kosher?)

That was my experience, and try as they may, nobody could have prepared me for it any better - nor can anyone remove it from my memory.

Gene Golden, Gettysburg PA




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