2nd Annual Hogtown Panel Jam
Gainesville, FL Oct 14, 15 and 16th 2005

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Vince Balistreri Panel Tater's panel(John Deaton)
Sal Calbrera
Judy Pate painting 1-Shot deer in painting class Keith Miller Vince teaching Cliff Butner a few strokes
Bob Quinealty Vince panels Carl & Sara Bedford Luke Scanlon project
Chris Lovelady pickin 'Blackberry Blossum", with Janet, Jolene, Dave. Sandy Nooney...(Robbie Rucker in bkgd.)
Harimandir Khalsa teaching painting class
Stray kid roundup Julie Bertrand, spouse Kim
Sandy Mooney's Panel
Luke's Project
Luke addng a red outline to his project
Kelly's deer
Judy's deer
Sal's Gorilla GLue Demo
Beautiful Banner by Jeff Ogden
Future Letterheads
Chris Lovelady and his daughter, Chelsea. Laying Gold

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