Sasekalahewata 2003

March 7,8,9 2003
Oklahoma City, OK

We made it back home to beautiful Maine safe and sound early this morning and much to our surprise, a lot of the snow has melted so it was nice to be able to see over the snow banks and some bare ground! It was a little tense driving on the interstates early yesterday morning in Kentucky and West Virginia as the bridges were covered with ice. We literally saw vehicles lose control as they were driving over the bridges and there were so many accidents. Other than that, we had a really good trip on the road.

I wanted to tell you that the Letterhead event was not anything like I had anticipated. I really did not know what to expect, but I really enjoyed it and was truly amazed at all the talent that was there.

I learned that there are many artists but each one is unique and has a style all their own. I was truly amazed to see the gallery at Fred’s Sign Shop and it was really interesting to see Bob do his glass art and how it gets sandblasted. I got to see Fred do some sculpting among other projects, all those pinstripers doing their own cool works of art, the beautiful airbrushing being done by some really talented individuals. It was so neat to see how you can get the marble or stone effect. I was also able to see how the glue chip works and how glass is etched.  It was almost overwhelming to see all the talent unfold and in such a way I never dreamed of. It was by far the most wonderful experience to be able to see all the tools and how all the different forms of art is done.

Thank you Monte and Pat for having us at your shop warming, Marty for making me feel a part of the group and Si for giving me the glass project, Fred and Marilyn for your wonderful hospitality, Bill Reidel for your patience, Chris “the cowboy” for your sense of humor and smile, Raymond Chapman for the wonderful conversation and compliments, Mike Chapman for your thoughtfulness, Tom and Kat for being so nice, Patrick O’Brien for your interesting stories, Artie for speaking so clearly, Alton and Mary for putting up with my “staring in awe” at you painting the Rat Fink, Shari for putting on the copper trim to my glass project, Frank from 1-Shot for giving up his ticket to the drawing so we could win the microwave, and most of all I thank Steve Faulkner because without him,  I would not have met all the wonderful people there.

You all have a wonderful and successful year and I hope to see each and every one of you again next year! Take care and don’t forget to look us up if you come to Maine. Thanks again for my wonderful and memorable time at SASEKALAHEWATA 2003! There could not have been a better group of people there at Fred and Marilyn’s.

All the best from Ellen

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