Letterhead Meet OZ08


15th  Letterheads In OZ  Cowra NSW,  Australia
October 17, 18 & 19th 2008

Thanks to Jon Butterworth for the pictures and explanations below....

The Mob...


 Oz Letterheads are not "big" meets. What they lack in numbers attending is made up for by in fun, enthusiasm, sharing and pure talent. You get a chance to spend quality time with just about everyone at the meet.
Thank you Brian Petty for organizing another memorable meet. Thanks too to everyone who helped.

PS: This was the 15th Annual OZ Meet and Brian is the ONLY Letterhead who has attended every one of them!

The projects and workshops were various and it was impossible to be part of everything


The major "Corro Wall" for a still to be reconstructed shed occupied many hands over the weekend. Brian had the sheets screwed to his shed to work on and this is only one the three they did.

Another project was new "A Frames" for some of the local shops. Pat from Sign Sheet Distributors not only supplied the frames, but cold-called up and down the main street selling free signs for a mad mob of signwriters who just hit town! Not only that, but SSD put up a very generous prize for the best one!


Shaz took it out with the "BookShop" one!

Paul Jordon's Glass workshop was very well attended. Paul has picked up his father's legacy and running with it!

Of course "JIFF" from "EN ZID" was on hand to help. His blood is worth bottling!


"Enn" McDonald (Kiwi Tiger) presented Paul with an oil painting her mother did. Paul, the flash reflection off your sunglasses was not planned, but the halo has stuck mate!



Old friend and original OZ Letterhead John Rigby turned up with some drop sheets he had to do for the Big Sign Show at Darling Harbour in Sydney in a couple of weeks.

John is going to be doing a demonstration of water colour landscape paintings at the show. These canvases will be part of the "outback" theme

I love aboriginal art and between us we bashed these out. Of course we were both feeling "dotty" by the end!



Brian roped in a local artist to airbrush the traditional fridge raffle. Not a signwriter, but in true spirit he stayed all meet passing on his talent.


I wacked a "bushie^" panel on the side.


Cheryl is doing some chalk art on the other, and the apprentice who won it was almost in tears when he won it.

So ends another memorable meet. Thank you all ... I enjoyed it.

See you in Tassy next year.!


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