BrushRush 14

Citrus Hgts. CA.

Great weather, great people and great food was the mix for the 14th annual "Brush Rush" at the
infamous Mike Clines, stripe shop in Citrus Hgts. CA. This place is like a museum of panels, photo's and debris of stuff historical that would knock you out.

 A big ol' pig was served up for lunch on Saturday for lunch and leftovers for a smaller group on Sunday.

Locals came and a few came from SoCal, Bay Area and told lies swaped news and striped some outrageous panels. There were some young stripers on hand doing nice stuff who will be the new breed down the road and din-O-mite rides wid' all the "Rat Style" looks.

In all it was a nice break with no news, TV or
freeway nonsense.

Jack Wills

The Photos

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