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Petty : The Classic Pin-Up Art of George Petty
by Reid Stewart Austin, George Petty

Even if you've never heard of George Petty, you're sure to recognize the airbrushed profile of the Petty Girl. She was the face (and legs) of the 1930s, the pinup World War II soldiers languished over, even part of the reason for Esquire's early success. In this handsome portfolio of Petty's work, the Petty Girl shines in all her period glory, from Esquire centerfolds to hosiery ads to calendars. Reid Stewart Austin's accompanying biographical text illuminates Petty's battles with Esquire publisher David Smart, as well as his forays into Hollywood design and even merchandising. Petty's empire was a family business; his wife Jule helped think up ideas, and son George posed as the Petty Girl's date. Petty's main model, however, was his leggy daughter Marjorie, who contributes an introductory essay to this volume.


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Hardcover, 192 pages
Published by Random House Value Pub
Publication date: October 1, 1997
Dimensions (in inches): 12.20 x 9.31 x .75
ISBN: 0517201151

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lazyedna.jpg (10974 bytes)Sara Straw...Salt Lake City, Utah

It's a nice hard cover book in a good size... not too big, but big enough so the illustrations are large enough to observe closely for technique. Those old enough to remember will feel nostalgia for the classic airbrush look of commercial advertising of the 40's and 50's. Any who wish to recreate that "nostalgic" feeling will find a wealth of resources in this book, as George Petty was one of the major influences of this style, at least as far as the human female form. There are plenty of illustrations, most in color, and the text is interesting as it describes the successes and tribulations that even a top commercial illustrator must endure. There is a small amount of information about Petty's technique as well as some discussion of the shortcomings of his artistic style. Always good to learn from someone ELSE'S mistakes, eh? At $13.99 this book is a good addition to any commercial artist's collection of reference books. For an airbrush artist doing the human female form. I'd say this book would be worth your 14 bucks. I paid over $20 for mine. :(


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