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Other Recommended Books!

More Signs, Graphics & Other Neat Stuff
by Gary Anderson

Gary Anderson has put together a brand new book! It includes page after page of logos and sign sketches, plus over forty four-color photos of Gary's signs. Gary has also included terrific insight into his approach to design. If there's a better source of ideas for sign shapes, mountings color combinations, and letter styles, we haven't seen it.
84 pages, 7 1/4-by-8 1/2 in. #SCL-348 $19.00 (plus S&H)

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Review by Donna Williams
Graphic Impact Signs
Abbotsford, BC

Hi Heads,

I just got this book....MORE Signs Graphics & Stuff by Gary Anderson. It's awesome!

What I really like about Gary Anderson's MORE Signs Graphics & Stuff even better than his first one, is that there are full color pictures enclosed. Although most signs pictured are sandblasted, the logos are incredibly beautiful and very inspiring. His color choices work so well in every sign, and it's simply something you have to see in full color.

Gary also goes into detail about:

  • Understanding color harmony, (what's better for a sign, bright or natural colors?) , where the most contrast in color should be placed on the sign, how to shade text using borders and shadows)
  • Interesting board shapes for signs (what comes first, the sign design or the shape of the board?)
  • Typesetting tips (how many fonts should be used on a sign, what kind of different fonts look good mixed, how to determine good contrast, guide to negative space)

This book is super easy to understand. I would rate it like a mini Mike Stevens book, but much easier to follow and much shorter in context. Excellent for quick inspiration when you're stuck in a rut and need a fresh idea for a logo or sign QUICKLY.

This one will be beside my computer, not on a bookshelf. :)

Donna Williams

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